Among the pleasures associated with the holiday season, there is one who is to decorate the house. Of course, it is now possible to buy all the accessories you want, and all budgets. By cons, it’s a safe bet that, like children, you will be happy to make yourself some decorative items. We propose here guidelines to develop an angel advertiser good news. Be aware, however, that it is here that a basic model and then you have the freedom to customize your character. The only limit is your creativity!

The necessary equipment

– Rigid Cardboard (cereal boxes that will do nicely, if you want to use recovery equipment).
– Sheets of paper decorated. Here, everything is allowed: paper scrap booking , wrapping paper, gift wrapping paper, tissue paper, newsprint, old sheet music, etc.
– The white glue.
– Some accessories to complete your creation if you want (ribbons, beads, etc.)
– A compass, a ruler, scissors, stapler.


Step 1

Following the model below (Figure 1), draw a circle in the cardboard of 20 cm in diameter, and draw inside it two circles (respectively, 2 cm and 5 cm) for head and wings.Then cut as in the model must follow the red solid lines.

Step 2

Choose two kinds of colored paper that fit together: everyone is allowed! Now use your “boss” cardboard and reproduce the pattern on the paper of your choice, then cut it. Play back then in your second kind of paper the shape of the wings only, and then paste them on the back of your angel. If you want to skip a step (to go faster), be aware that there are now paper scrap booking printed front and back with different patterns. Carefully, so as not to bend or tear the angel assemble using the 2 slots. Staple firmly to the rear wings.

Step 3

All you need to complete your angel more. For the head, cut a halo in the same paper as the wings on a point, then a white circle or any other color for the face. Draw eyes and a mouth and glue all around the circle. If you wish, you can add a ribbon for the arms, or again choose to use decorated paper. With a little hot glue, you could also place it in the hands of your angel a decorative accessory that will give some relief to your creation: a sprig of holly or mistletoe, mini poinsettia, a small musical instrument or whatever you want!


And now, your angel is finished! You can simply place it on a desk or on your holiday table, but if you prefer to hang on the wall or hang in your tree, simply staple a ribbon or a strand of rope to the rear.If you wish, it is also possible to use only paper scrap booking (including front and back are decorated) and reduce the size of the circles. You will get mini-angels that you can place here and there on the branches of your Christmas tree: the result will impress you!