For more classical yourself makes the headboard

uses a plywood plate width of your bed. Cover with a cottony lining that can nail or staple and top with the fabric you’ve chosen. You can customize the fabric with whatever you like, buttons, ribbons, etc.

For most home: cushions

True headboards are pure decoration but you can turn them into something practical and comfortable cushions. Grab a bar of classic shades and paste to the wall. Then sewn into the pad end washers to pass them through the bar. You can replace any fabric cushions. Anything goes, from classic cotton to a wild leather or veil to the Arabian Nights. advantageous thing about this system is that you can change pads or tissue as it may seem, and combining them with the duvet .

For more original: “Operation Recovery”

Direct recycling: old shutters, doors or screens can be transformed easily into a headboard. You just need a bit of polish and a good coat of paint. Nothing more!


For more Eco: Bamboo

Bamboo is a very hardy plant, exotic. If you want to give your room a Asian takes long bamboo poles and tie them with string. For a marginally more wild canes choose not to the same extent. Another solution is the mesh of rods which can be found in DIY stores or gardening. They are available in wicker, rattan and bamboo.

For more fun: a great trick

is simple and practical: the paint can create a headboard in a very easy. With this option we have freedom both in colors and in form. You can choose the classic rectangle or have artistic skills to jump into more cheerful shapes and motifs. Do not forget the templates to implement your creations more easily.

For more fashion: with stickers

The decorative stickers are already around the house. There are even some that make headboard with reasons ranging from plants to more urban decor. For less money and a more personal results can also buy sticker paper and give it the shape you want.

For the more romantic: the tableau

To make a box in which to store all your dreams, framed bed. You have two choices: find a frame size with which to create the headboard or buy wooden planks to build a framework that size. You choose between seeking a more real as if it were an old box or something more pop, working with paint.

For more personal photos plank

If you want your personality be reflected on your headboard, gives value to your memories and passions: buy a plank of wood or cork fine and hits the photos, holiday souvenirs, postcards and several other little details. Important : Forget buying staples and thumbtacks. They are too dangerous for when you’re stretched on the bed.