Here, the ceiling of the basement is remodeled. I installed a Murphy bed. But as I have guests and sometimes I come back home covered with dust, a shower would be nice. If, like me, you want to make your own shower, you will need to make choices. Three options are available: a prefabricated acrylic shower, a shower with a ceramic base acrylic, a shower made ​​entirely of ceramic.

The acrylic shower

This is the simplest option. Simply: determine the location of the shower, select the template to my home center and call a plumber to install the piping. I advise you to opt for a valve constant temperature and pressure (pressure balance) which will avoid the clear differences in temperature if another family member uses water, for water closet, for example. Base Installation Once the piping and drain installed, it will install the database. They are usually slightly flexible, but I personally miserai on the strength. After determining in pencil and marked the exact location, a mix of ceramic cement to low quality and spread it in the space provided, taking care not not put down the drain.


Cover the still fresh cement with plastic for better seal and, especially, for the cement does not stick to the base. These steps, replace the shower base on fresh cement. By adding weight you in this case, press it lightly in the cement until the marks made ​​earlier appear. Screw the whole firmly quickly, then drop some toolboxes to keep it up , until the cement hardens, or 24 hours. The next day, you just have to go up the shower walls. To perform this job, just follow the instructions to the letter and the installation steps provided by the manufacturer. This is the best way to be successful. Please observe the manufacturer’s steps for installing the shower door.

Acrylic shower and ceramic

Personally, I would dismiss this option out of hand. Use an acrylic shower base you would do the job faster than building a full ceramic shower. But the risk of leakage, because of many joints, not worth the candle. As long as you work longer, I would favor an alternative. Do the same, you will not regret it.

The ceramic shower

Regarding the ceramic shower, the bill will be higher and you will spend more time, but you will gain in aesthetics and personal satisfaction. Over the years, I discovered a range of products: Schluter systems and a really well built website. Of course, you should expect additional costs, but the tightness of the structure will be provided. The products offered are very reliable. In my career I’ve seen all kinds of products and showers leaking after only five or seven years. Tip: visit a retailer of ceramic to obtain the necessary products. It is this system that I recommend. How install

Of course you have previously located the location of your shower base and made ​​marks with a pencil. You need to put up walls ceramics. The amounts, install plywood ½ inch thick that you’ll stick with construction adhesive and you screw them to six inches. If you want to install the brackets, you can rely on solid ground. In this structure, apply a panel Kerdi-board? to the test water. Just stick it on the plywood with glue provided. Secure with screws and toothed washers (provided) through the panel joints. Then, at the center, cover the joint with a sealing strip five inches (included) that you will set with the mortar. Apply as a band of five inches in the corners. Tip: bring your laptop near the work site. You can view the site identified above to follow all installation steps, well explained in a video. Installing the base membrane.

Follow the instructions exactly, you will not regret it. The manufacturer offers the same thresholds, exterior and interior corners, tape joints and five inches of interior and exterior moldings, all very practical. After the shower pan nicely landscaped, wait before installing your reference. Run the water to fill to the brim. Make a pencil mark and wait 24 hours. If the water does not reach the mark, there is a leak. This means that the diaphragm fails: a very unlikely event. Contact the manufacturer immediately. It will honor its warranty. Otherwise, make a hole where the drain will be installed to drain water and set the reference to the pipe. Ceramics Unless you have opted for an Italian-style shower? the slope is arranged differently? prefer the mosaic floor with squares of 1 inch or 1.5 inch square. This will help you match the slope of the shower base.