Selling your property may not be as easy as you think, especially in a buyer’s market. There are many things you can do to help sell your home, and getting your garden right or having a modern kitchen fitted are well known ways to close the deal. However, there are other ways to increase interest in your property, and some of these are seldom thought about. Here are four things that if you have (or could have) will help sell your home.

beautiful property

Specialist Lighting

Surprising though it may sound, lighting can often increase the appeal of a property to prospective buyers. Having LED lighting fitted can highlight feature walls, and add a subtle glow to a room’s atmosphere; while having hanging ceilings with concealed lighting can make any room seem clean and uncluttered. Using the correct lighting in a kitchen or bathroom can turn an ordinary room into one with a wow factor; and as the wow factors increase so does the possibility of a sale.


It is a sad fact of life that we live in a time when crime is still a great worry for people. If your property has already been updated from the basic key locks, to one that has an access control system fitted (preferably by a reliable business like Clapham locksmiths by, then any potential buyer will see that their new home is already safer than a conventional home. If you also have an alarm system connected to a central control room, then they know that the whole family can feel safe, and that they will be able to sleep secure at night;a great selling point for any a family. Perhaps setting up a complete security system is not feasible for your sale, but having modern swipe locks or even biometric locks fitted may not be.

Child’s Den

If your target buyer is a family, then having a home that is already suited to them should make your home much more attractive. It is impossible to have a home that is suitable for kids of all ages, but there is one thing that is useful to any family with children. A child’s den can be used as children grow up, and if you have a rubber floor fitted, falling over becomes less problematic for young kids. Having child friendly furniture will also help cut down on potential hazards, and if you have CCTV fitted in the room it will attract any family with children that they worry about. If you have kids, then you will understand how having a safe area for them to play in can make your life so much easier.

Eco-Friendly Property

The environment is a concern for many people, and being able to point out the energy saving features could close a sale for you. Saving the environment often makes financial savings for people too. Moving into a home that already has things like thermal glass fitted, or, is fully insulated, could sway a sale; and even simple things like a water aerator will save water and the cost of a water bill. Make a list of everything that is already eco-friendly, and let the people who view the property know about them all.

Many of these ideas could already be in place in your home, or would be easy to fit. However, bringing people’s attention to them will certainly be plus points when selling your home, and not doing so would be a mistake.