Living in a rustic log cabin somewhere in the outdoors is a great way to get rid of the stresses and strains of modern, everyday life. The seclusion and the peaceful surroundings have the ability to wash away the pressures of the rat race you live in, as if by magic.

However, it is the accommodation that you are staying in too, that plays a big part in making you feel relaxed and calm, almost as soon as you walk in the door. So what is it exactly, that makes log homes so cozy, warm, and welcoming?

As the building is made of logs, the color and smells of nature are brought inside the home, and the beautiful scent of the logs, which is everywhere, acts as a natural, permanent air freshener. These things, together with the right furnishings and decorations are what give these particular homes that lovely cozy atmosphere.

Furniture that does extremely well in the living rooms of these types of accommodation, are leather lounge suites and thick rugs on the floor made from natural fiber. Add a stone fireplace set into a natural stone wall, some strategically placed candles, and you have a setting that is perfect for the coldest of winter nights.

The walls and windows can also be decorated to give the interior of the cabin that countrified look that is so relaxing and cozy.

For instance, window treatments should be of natural fibers, which are either plain, or have a pattern that is appropriate for the surroundings, such as foliage, or animal footprints, for example. Keep the cottage-y theme by making picture frames from items collected from nature, such as small pine cones, twigs, or pebbles.

Another area that also adds to the coziness of a wooden home is the kitchen, especially if it has a wood burning stove. These rustic, cast iron stoves have been used for hundreds of years for both cooking and heating purposes. Not only will you be cooking the most amazing meals in your kitchen, but the stove will warm up the whole cabin as well.

Having a log cabin as a holiday home is a great way to relax. There is nothing better than coming in after a long day of skiing or other outdoor activities, and settling down in front of a blazing fire with a cup of hot chocolate. On the other hand, if you live in a log home permanently, it means that you have the perfect way to unwind every evening, after a long day at the office.

Whether it is for holiday purposes only, or your permanent residence, it is the furnishings, as well as the natural scent and color of the wood, which makes a log home so cozy.