Candles we like and put them anywhere in the house either for perfuming or just for light. Also, create a pure and intimate atmosphere in a second. Why not learn to make them? It’s much more fun to buy them, just follow our instructions and daring with the first. candle What you make? Making a candle is, above all, a moment of creation over which we must not forget that we will design a decorative object, the kindle or not. So before you get down to work, make sure you have all the necessary material and that you clear the color, shape and scent you want for your candle “handmade”. You can review the different versions at any store decor. If this is your first time, I recommend starting with something easy, like a candle in the form of pillar (square or cylindrical). material will find it all at craft stores:


Woulds for candles: no plastic molds, metal or latex, You can also use glass or earthenware containers. Perfumes and dyes. Mesa: with flat or square braid. , wax, paraffin or gel: the gel is interesting if you want to add small decorative details such shells, beads, etc. For starters it is more practical to buy wax or paraffin. Procedure Melt the wax in an old pot or a tin can empty. If you have a special pot for melting wax, you can do so by following the traditional method: water bath, but pay attention to not pour water into the pot of wax. If you want to make it with a dye or fragrance is special time to add it. The coloring is achieved through the pigments available in the shops.

Important: stain very quickly, so watch the quantity. Usually, the final color usually remains considerably lowered the color that appears when you add the dye. As the fragrance , one uses especially perfume oils based. The dose is subjective but do not use more than 10% of the total content. Add it when the wax is liquid and mix as before inserting it into the mold. Set the wick to the bottom of the mold chosen with the help of a little wax. To keep it straight using a wick clip, if you found them in the store, or two chopsticks and a rubber chicken . gel candles: now is the time to add the decorative objects that you insert into the body of the candle.

Sailing multicolor: tinted waxes must undo independently and go interscholastic upon pour them into the mold in layers, one after another, and always waiting for the previous has hardened. Pouring: Pour all content of the sail into the mold and let cool. If you want to speed up the process, keep it in the fridge. If a hole is made, you can add a little more wax undone. To remove mold simply pull the edges. Last step: cut the end of the wick (5-8 mm) and you will finish your first candle “handmade”. Cheats decoration If you want a professional result lining the mold with natural flowers or dried, for example, and Falasha with a drop of paraffin. The end result is really nice. Consult: How to light your house? An interior feng shui Restore an old mirror.