A home remodeled is no small feat. It can take part of the homeowner’s life and turn it completely upside down for the duration of the project. However, if you go into the project with a clear vision of what you want to accomplish, as well as the budget with which you will be working, you can eliminate much of the headache otherwise faced. Pound out details of the project before meeting with contractors so you can convey your expectations and iron out potential issues before the first hammer is swung.


Hiring the perfect fit for your particular needs is the most essential item on your checklist. Make sure you have seen examples of other remodeling jobs done and timelines used. Go over your project vision in every detail. Discuss glitches that might arise, as well as potential solutions. Discuss the budget you have and discretionary costs you may incur. Make sure all parties understand the relationship you are entering into so there are no surprises. A general list of materials and tools needed should be established and you should have a breakdown of rental costs and other fees.

Home Remodel

Next, lay out milestones to be met and the amount of time each should take. While, obviously, unexpected events will affect certain aspects, make sure everyone is on the same page with completion dates and monetary costs resulting from missed deadlines.

Map out general rules such as access to the site, work hours, restrooms available, and other restrictions or accommodations in place. Go over organization of the materials when they are not in use and discuss environmental factors in addition to chemical and toxic exposure that may be present. Be transparent about what can and cannot be used without prior approval from management. Establish where the daily checklist will be and any information that should be documented at the beginning or end of a project.

Permits and Approval

Now that you have a plan in motion you need to verify that you have obtained permits necessary to begin as well as design approval that may be needed from the homeowners’ association. Find out dates applications need to be in as well as the length of time it takes to receive the appropriate approval documentation. Once the permits have been received, a copy should be posted at the work site.

Wrapping Up

As the project comes to a close, go over the site with a checklist and an eagle eye to ensure all of the small details have been taken care of. Make sure all finishes and fixtures are present and ready to go. Confirm that all work has met or exceeded code requirements. Verify that quality standards that were originally outlined prior to starting the project are met.

Organization is key to properly managing a home remodel. If details are discussed and expectations established prior to beginning, and then revisited throughout the project, you should be able to manage the remodel in a streamlined fashion.