All Basque media have sounded the alarm. Currently, these types of locks are enforced with relative ease.

To obtain the information, which in the argot of the security world, is called “sweep”, pretending to be, among other things, sellers. Basque police said, some of them have already been arrested in Bilbao, are ethnic Georgians and have military training.

Borjas locks

It is a model of lock that was installed in Spain,some years ago, because it was considered the safest, but currently there are techniques to ganzuarlas. Works with double bit keys, in which the lower teeth, called “creep”, are what really opened the thistle, the role of others, is to align the opening borjas to cross. Using a key to that model, which has the feed dogs as a tool to pick and align borjas can be opened without violence. you can follow this link cctv security services jacksonville.


Protect Our Home

To improve security, in middle-class homes, you can take a series of measures, as effective. The locks that appear to be safer now, are the so-called ” multi-point ” and unique master key. It should provide the security door of our home, with two locks and that one, at least, either of points. It is desirable to use high quality peepholes, calls “magic eye” with an electronic display inside are perfect. When leaving home, if only for a few minutes, close the door interested laps, closing golpete neutralized with a paper and rigid plastic in no time. It is advisable to install a lock inside, impossible to manipulate from the outside and make use of it, provided you are inside the house. Do not cross the entrance to the home of anyone who is not absolutely sure and you should never, leave the key in the inside because it can be manipulated from outside and do not expect an opening.