We have an innate sense of balance and harmony, but that of maximizing the space requires some sound advice to avoid overload and clutter your small spaces.

We all dream of having large airy rooms with endless space, but the reality we sometimes takes a few cunning efforts to reach a fair coin to optimize the comfort and well-being in our home.

Separate the space by partitions removable or fixed

For the development of an exhibit for small, there are inexpensive solutions and decorative that help make it functional. Movable partitions serve of real divisions without thereby restricting space. This is to separate the room, for example, by large panels of curtains or ventilated wood suspended in order to define areas distinct properties. According to the decorating theme chosen, one could use printed fabrics or textured to create movement or wood of different colors for a perfect marriage with your decor.


Balance the space with furniture

One can also play with the furniture for delineate areas. For example, in a large room housing two defined spaces (living room and office), you can simply place a sofa in the center to divide the room into two by adding a console behind. You will get right away the possibility of arranging the desktop with the sight towards the lounge, which will create one effect of magnitude and will allow of make your lounge a corner more intimate by directing the view towards a bay window so to integrate ‘s general ambiance and decor around this natural light (window).

Examples of dividing living / dining room

To make a fine division between lounge and dining room, one could, for example, adding a central focus in order to divide the room into two. This would make a large room set two new spaces in which we could enjoy the beauty and warmth of home without help us move. For a more contemporary feel, we would integrate the fireplace into a wall, taking care to leave 48 inches on each side of the wall allowing traffic without feeling immured.

Side room, the TV would be placed directly above the fireplace in a wall unit with open or closed compartments, custom built to hide the storage (video games). Side dining room, open niches could be added to deposit works of art. This arrangement is excellent if the ceiling height does not exceed the 3/5 the width of the room. This solution enables a more expensive look great and avoids the overhead of furniture and accessories. Zen effect guaranteed! Finally, note that the layout of your application within a time of reflection to help optimize the function of your rooms or separate space to suit your business. we hope you having given feel like doing few changes to make your remains warm and comfortable.