Not everything is a matter of taste and design. You need to know what influence do the colors in the mind when painting a room.

Numerous studies demonstrate the power that the colors of a person’s environment has on his mind. Being produced by the incident light energy and since this is not surprising that provoke different feelings related to the unconscious perception of man. Advertising agencies have for many years using this knowledge as essential ingredients for a good campaign marketing . Even in the design of pages Web , in setting up a shop or on the provision of goods, are taken into account.

Colors affect our moods

Not the same color look and be aware of the sensation produced , to be surrounded by that color for hours and experience a mood unconsciously induced. Therefore, when choosing colors to paint the home is important to know their influence. The white, traditional in most of the interiors for its functionality and comfort at the time of the reviews, it creates a feeling of safety and cleanliness. It would be a good color for the kitchen or bathroom, but it would be cold for a bedroom.


Yellow stimulates the joy, energy, intelligence. It is the color of the sun and, like him, exhale heat and vitality. It is an ideal color for a study room or office, but never for a kitchen, if you follow a diet , because it activates our body. Nor for the baby’s bedroom. The roasted and brown, across its range, are relaxing colors, ideal for that room to rest when I get home. Can also be applied in the hallways or the lobby to absorb the tranquility emanating to return home.

The effect of blue, orange, green and black, in the spirit

The blue tones convey serenity, are colors that we slow down the body and produce a deep relaxation. Are best placed to put in the bedroom, both the child and the marriage. The color orange is energetic and enthusiastic, revitalizes and encourages, stimulates and oxygenates. The varying mixture of red will indicate the degree of energy that cause, being reddish orange tone that encourages sexual desire while the dark orange causes aggression.

Green is nature . Suggests the exuberance of a landscape and fertility reborn to life. It is a color full of security and social stability and mental health. It is very appropriate for an office or a generously sized living room if you bring lots of blue. Light colors can also be used in corridors or libraries. The black and red are colors with strong aggressive connotations. Red symbolizes the danger in almost all signal codes, it feels alert and produces nervousness. The black is the color instead of pain, although producing seriousness and strength. Combined with other softens that feeling.

Colors that women know, something to consider in decorating

It is said that pink is the color for girls and blue for boys and, although it is a sexist statement today, not without a scientific basis and logic. By nature, man has a more aggressive child, will stimulate the games of strength and likes contact sports. It should then put around blue tones, and that encourage relaxation and tranquility. The rose has evocations peaceful, inspiring love and friendship, is a social color in the sense of relationship between people, curious about the world. The red mixture has at least one color does restless and curious. It is the tone in which the child feels relaxed yet awake. It is your color. The color purple is romantic and magical items widely used in child and wife. The darkest, evoke power, sadness and melancholy, while the clearest denote mystery, whimsy and nostalgia. Tones are not kept long in the walls because they tend to get tired.

The energy transmitted by the color

Although a general way and considering that the hue of each color conveys a different energy, it is interesting to know what the psychic influences that occur before a room change color. The energy vibrations and waves that carry the colors and the social or cultural connotations they contain, are the main cause of the sensation they produce each particular group. However, there will be a perception for each person depending on their capacity to receive, in the area of ​​the planet we are in and the cultural influence received.