Just as the clothing color has a meaning, it conveys different feelings and sensations, we can determine the influence of the colors in the home. So we see the meaning of colors to decorate with its connotations, so we know what is behind each color we chose for the house and the decorations on it.

The Color Purple

The purple color is very beautiful, generally associated with the feminine, but has a very ambiguous connotation, it goes from the nobility to greed. This color comes from the combination of red and blue, and perhaps because of this relationship. Although it is the favorite color for many rooms to decorate their apparent romance care must be taken in its excessive use as the purple also means nostalgia and sadness.

Green color

Green is definitely a worthy representative of nature. How would you feel lying in the field surrounded by trees? That feeling is precisely what connotes green, peace, hope, freshness, tranquility. So the green is ideal for decorating a living room and while the tone is more neutral, more serenity will bring.


Blue color

The color blue is a favorite used by spas offices and clinics therapeutic, among others, for its benefits and connotations of calm and tranquility. This color conveys seriousness, purity, confidence, relaxation, stability, cleanliness. It is therefore an ideal color to decorate spaces like the kitchen and bathroom, where elements such as water are involved. also for living room, bedroom, office, etc. It is ideal if we want a color that brings serenity and stability.

The white

The white color is called pure color. This color connotes tranquility, purity, light, clean, almost all their influence is positive. However, this excess color can also be a little disruptive, and therefore it is recommended that color balance always some other neutral color although only some details for contrast. White is ideal for decorating bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, etc. Knowing most of the significance of the colors and their influence on our well-being, then we will know that decorating a space involves much more than just a taste, because knowing the colors we use the tools to give each room a personal touch and functional. What do you think? What is the predominant color in your home and how you feel?