Many of you have to wonder how melamine paint. Some of you have also asked about the wood veneer. Here’s how we do.


Whether you want to paint melamine cupboards or furniture, the steps are the same.

Prepare for cabinets: we suggest you first remove the doors from the hinges and place them on trestles with two 2” x 4”. This facility is ideal as a work table. The use of wood as a medium is recommended because it is a material that will not damage the paint. we suggest you number your hinges well and you make a plan to make sure you replaciez the right doors in the right places and the right doors with hinges.

Wash: You do the painting for your walls. You wash the doors of the degreaser with TSP (trisodium phosphate).

Sand: You then sand your doors melamine with sandpaper of size 80 or 100 to make scratches that will allow the paint to adhere well. If you have an electric sander, it will speed up the work and the result will be more uniform.

melamine- kitchen

Paint: You ask an oil primer. we used the Polyprep or Cover Stain. we recommend you always start by applying paint on the back of the door (the side that you can not see). Begin by the middle of it to unload its paint roller. Since the fields (bands cabinet sides) tend to make scenes, remove with your fingers behind the scenes that might have arisen on the fields. When the first layer is set and dry, we redo the same operation on the front of the cabinet and I paint the fields with the roller discharged.

With your fingers, remove the scenes that might have arisen on the back of the door and then finalize your ironing board in the roll on the surface for good paint consistency. Cut holes for handles If you want to put new handles your doors, we recommend you drill them before putting the top coat to give a better result. The tool we use to take action is a precision caliper bracket. Apply the topcoat For the top coat, we use the floor paint or 100% melamine and acrylic for all these operations we am using a short nap roller 6 mm as for the oil painting. THE WOOD VENEER.

Transform your kitchen cabinets

Hardware: First, this method, I use panels HDF (High Density Fiber) Wall design found in most home centers. I choose the universal model (wood paneling), which can adapt to any type of cabinets, and whose thickness is 5/16 inch.

Preparation: Preparation is the same as for painting. we pick up my cupboards, we wash them. If we have to plug holes, we use the sealer MINWAX. Then we sand my repairs and we apply the primer. Cut, ask, paste we start with me to make a template that will help me to clearly delineate my work area. we calculate a gap of approximately 2 ½ ”. It is very important never to HDF panels to the edge of the door, because some doors will no longer open. Then I measure each center door to prepare my cutting plane. Once all my centers are cut in door panels HDF, we pass the router on the outline of each of my panels center door. we select a wick having a shape 45 degrees with ball bearings and we adjusted it to cut only half the thickness of my lip.

This detail of finish we will not attach any moldings as a finishing centers around my door. Subsequently, we glue the panels with glue “No More Nail” we applied all over the panels. Finally, to ensure that the panel does not move, we am using a aiguilleuse air (you can rent) to put a few needles in the veneer. These needles are very small and therefore does not disturb the final look of our panels. Finally, we apply my primer on my door centers. Topcoat Finally, we apply the paint finish being careful before drilling the holes for the new door handles.