Residential properties are becoming smaller and therefore, the neighbors, more and more frequent! Although we appreciate their proximity to a variety of reasons, we like a lot less direct view they have on our back yard! To take full advantage of its outdoor space hidden from view and privacy, screens, trellises, fences and plants become true allies! Fill up with ideas to (finally) have peace this summer!

A few examples:

Feel on holiday!

Living out of sight is a goal that all can achieve, even in the suburbs. The tricks and strategies to make the backyard more private and nicer to reveal many. Find out here some examples. It’s beautiful! It’s great! Therefore this is home! 13 Ideas for privacy As we can easily imagine sitting on one of these chairs, face to face with the sun! Yet! Neighboring houses remain nearby. A neighborhood that is forgotten, however, completely behind this beautiful fence that is both intimate and openwork. It’s like being on holiday in hot countries!


The ark of intimacy

No fence could form a visual barrier high enough. With this large lattice arch, owners can really enjoy the pool without feeling watched. Vines help to make this grand structure more inviting. In addition to filling the openings between the slats of the lattice, they later formed a real green curtain.

Closing with an Asian twist

How easy it is to give personality to a screen! Here, a bamboo fence integrated with a wooden structure serves as camouflage. The simplicity of the piece and the choice of materials give the object’s oriental spirit.

A spa of sight

The new suburban neighborhoods are often devoid of vegetation. Residents of a home becomes prey visually, provided the eyes of curious neighbors. That’s why installing a spa in a more stripped requires reflection to make the most private as possible. In this project, the owners had the idea to erect the wooden deck at 45 degrees to the side property line and adding two wooden screens. Within these screens, they created a level of about 1m (3 ft) wide, thus facilitating access to spa, a storage bench and decorative flower boxes. The mixture of narrow planks pierced and large squares made from strips of wood lightens up the structure.