Josee would like to know how to make sure to remove all traces of mold: “I redo my bathroom, house built in 1986, well maintained, but in the bathroom, we have a cathedral ceiling and at the junction of the upper wall and ceiling of the early, there are a few points of mold . What should we do before repainting? My questions: should we undo and redo the wall? Must be cleaned with TSP and put an oil primer and paint? It’s not a lot, but we want to prevent it from worsening over the years. Thank you for your help is greatly appreciated. ”

Hello Josee, There are some things to check before proceeding to the stage of painting. First, is there any water leaks or if it’s just the humidity of the room that caused the mold on the ceiling? If there is water infiltration, it will assuredly undo to remove everything that has been affected by water penetration, but before proceeding with this, we must figure out where the infiltration and remedy it first. If there is no infiltration of water, it is a sign that there is too much moisture in the room. Is there a fan in the bathroom? Otherwise, it will consider doing the installation because no fan, all you can do is in vain because it is really the humidity in the room that creates this problem.


You can clean it yourself small areas affected by mold. It is best to wear protective gear such as safety glasses, a dust mask and disposable rubber gloves. Should be cleaned with unscented detergent solution, wipe dry with a clean, damp cloth, then dry quickly. The use unscented detergent will allow you to more easily detect residual moldy odors.

If mold returns after cleaning, it usually means that the source of moisture is not removed. Then it would be prudent to consult an expert firm to find the source of the problem and eliminate it completely. I suggest you include the company “STEAMMATIC” who specializes in this kind of work. You will be sure to have totally eliminated the source of your problems and can then proceed to paint.

In a bathroom, it is preferable to use the right paint. It costs a little more expensive to buy, but this painting is made specifically to withstand and protect your walls against excessive moisture there is in a bathroom. A fresh coat of oil primer is obviously recommended. The “POLYPREP” is one of quality. Then two good coats of paint to “bathroom and kitchen” will finish the job. If you want more information on the subject, I suggest you refer to the CMHC website where I learned some important information for the cleaning of mold .