The next time you walk into your bathroom, have a good look – and be honest about what you see. Does your bathroom look great and does it make you feel proud? Or has it seen better days? Could your bathroom be in need of a makeover? Surprisingly, the smallest details make the biggest difference in the bathroom. For example, your bathroom mirror lights can make a miserable, small space look large and inviting. Here’s what you are missing in your bathroom – an illuminated mirror. Why should you consider getting yourself this bathroom accessory? Read on to find out.

Improved Lighting, Focused Lighting

The best illuminated bathroom mirrors have lights at the sides and often at the top so you benefit from focused light across your face. The lights eliminate the shadows you often experience when you have a mirror that is lit from an overhead light on the ceiling or the opposite wall. With built-in lights, you can see more clearly. You can apply makeup so you don’t make mistakes and the end result looks great. You can pluck your eyebrows, do your hair, apply cosmetics, and simply check how you look with ease. When you install bathroom mirrors with lights you quickly realise how hard it was to see with a regular mirror.

Bathroom-decorAnti-Fog Mirrors

Isn’t it annoying when you want to check your reflection or shave your face but you can’t see in the mirror because of the steam? You try to wipe the mirror with your hand but end up with a foggy surface. You may have to open windows and get cold in order to clear the steam. Illuminated mirrors with anti-fog glass are invaluable because you save time and hassle waiting for the fog to clear.

Improved Vision

The great thing about LED bathroom mirrors is the light actually makes you look better. The difference between checking your appearance in a mirror with an overhead strip-light and checking it in an illuminated mirror is clear. Your face is bathed in a soft glow. The colours show up more accurately. You get a better impression of how your makeup will look in outdoor light. You can be more confident about your appearance because you see yourself at your best.

Better Storage Space

If you are short on space in the bathroom then illuminated bathroom cabinets can solve your lighting problem as well as your space problem. You can find mirrors with built-in cabinets, for example from The cabinets are concealed behind the mirror and you open them with a concealed latch. So you have somewhere to store clutter so it doesn’t disrupt the look of your bathroom. You also don’t need to worry about buying a separate mirror and a cabinet, so you cut down the amount of money you spend on your bathroom makeover. With a range of different sizes to choose from, and different styles, you’ll be able to select the ideal illuminated mirror for your bathroom easily.