Owners of mobile homes, like other homeowners should consider protecting your home, belongings and personal effects and themselves from liability.

Considerations When Choosing a Home Insurance Mobile / Manufactured Home

One should consider several important factors when choosing insurance mobile home / manufactured, such as applicable coverages for your home, your belongings and your guests home: Your house

* What kind of coverage should I consider?
* When should I start coverage if they transport their mobile home / manufactured home?
* Need to have flood insurance ?

Your personal belongings

* How much cost to replace the entire contents of your home?
* Can an insurance policy customized mobile home / manufactured home to cover jewelry, radio or television antennas and computers?


You and your guests

* Do you offer policies mobile home / manufactured home liability coverage as part of a standard home insurance policy?
* Will covered medical expenses for guests if they are accidentally injured on your property?

The cost of your insurance

* How will the coverage limits and deductibles you choose on your premium?
* What are the discounts available for owners of mobile homes?

Insurance Coverage Mobile Home / Manufactured Home

An insurance policy mobile home / manufactured home includes the following coverages:

* Protecting mobile home / Housing
* Protection for improvement / protection for other structures
* Protection for personal belongings
* Liability protection for the family
* Protection for medical expenses of guests
* Loss of use of your mobile home / Additional Living Expenses

Insurance policies for mobile home / manufactured home also offer additional coverage for emergencies and travel:

* Shuttle emergency
* Shock during a trip
* Fire Charges

Typically, insurance mobile home / manufactured home does not cover flooding. Thus, we suggest that you consider a policy of flood insurance from Allstate. Call us at 1-877-366-1607 or locate an Allstate agent to find out if you qualify to purchase flood insurance, or to learn how insurance mobile home / manufactured home Allstate can protect you, your home and family .