If you or a loved one are experiencing difficulties in getting in and out of a chair then you may have already considered investing in one of the great mobility rise and recline chairs available on the market. Not only do these chairs offer assistance to those with mobility issues they are also very attractive pieces of furniture. They are a boon to those suffering from such ailments as arthritis, asthma and circulatory problems they also ease the discomfort of pressure sores caused by having to sit in one place for long periods of time.

Remote chair

The mechanism that distinguishes mobility rise and recline chairs from other furniture of this ilk is operated by a remote control that will usually be found on one of the chairs arms. The rise and recline action is implemented simply by pressing a button. There are no fiddly switches to navigate so anyone who cannot grip things can still operate these chairs. There are many models of this type of chair available and even the most basic models will offer a tipping action whereas the higher end models included extra features for comfort including adjustable backs and foot rests.

One thing that puts many people off buying mobility rise and recline chairs in the cost. Make no mistake they aren’t cheap, but if you view them as investment and how beneficial they can be that price suddenly don’t seem so high. By shopping around you can see all the different options available and choose one that not only meets the criteria of the person who will be using it but will also fit in with the rest of your furniture and home decor.

The Size is right

These chairs, as do the people who sit in them, vary in size greatly. Trying these chairs out for size before you purchase them is always recommended, but if this isn’t possible the best online retailers offer accurate sizing guides. You can also have mobility rise and recline chairs custom made by giving the size and weight of those who will be using it. This is a good option for those who want them to fit into their decor exactly.

When it comes to the choice of mobility rise and recline chairs available these days finding the perfect one may be a daunting task. By first making a note of the features you want then comparing the models that meet your criteria will make the whole task as hassle free as possible. Take into consideration both the needs of user and what each chair can offer them. One user may benefit greatly from a massage and heat system for example, while others will never use this feature you have paid extra for.

It is vital that you discuss the merits of these mobility rise and recline chairs with the user before you make the purchase. Don’t take it upon yourself to buy them one as a surprise and going with what you think they want. A chair of this type is very much like a pair of shoes, they are going to spend a great length of time in it so they deserve to choose their own.