Pre-cut sheets can also be used for Christmas decorating ideas. How to create an atmospheric Mobile, a string of lights and original pots.

It need not always be the classic shapes and colors: Christmas decorations with a modern look can also be moody like traditional jewelry. The selection of suitable craft-related items is large and well-stocked hobby shop or available over the Internet. Prefabricated parts, in this case, stable films, make it easy every hobbyist, successfully realize their own creations. The following ideas are meant to fancy decorations for the Advent and Christmas season, you can of course be varied as desired. Be inspired!

Foil decorate with fabric

First, the spirals are stuck: They are placed flat on the table, so that look like slices. You cut them an appropriately sized piece of fabric and pull the protective paper from the foil. The fleece is then carefully placed on unrolling the adhesive surface, avoiding air bubbles. Then turn around the workpiece and cuts off the excess residues of the mat and along the spiral edges, so that the film can open to the spiral shape. This process takes you back to the second spiral. Pretty it is when you use different colors for the spirals with the same patterns. The film contains spirals at each end a small hole. There should be drilled in accordance with the fleece.


Mobile assemble and hang

On the thin cord will now be raised at various distances acrylic elements such as stars or beads and knotted. You can also use ready-decoration chains. The coils are then pulled apart and both chose the end of the median as a point of suspension. The end of the string of pearls is carried out through the holes of both spirals and knot a small loop for hanging. This expands the film of the spirals sufficient to the lower ends, a small object to be hung for weighting, for example, a small crystal. The Mobile is particularly well suited for application in a window where the sun, the colors shine.

Fairy lights with decorated umbrellas

Cheap lights are decorated to Lampenschirmchen real eye-catchers. For a Christmas lighting can choose between crystal, bell, star and heart shapes. But even simple bag shapes pasted with corresponding motifs, can be an impressive decoration. The production is simple and easy to follow even for inexperienced hobbyists. The pre-screen films, also from CREA pop be pasted as desired and then placed each of the bulbs of the lights and closed with tiny plugs on the side. The holes are already pre-punched for it. To conceal the line of the chain, one can loosely wrap organza ribbon around it. Even colored cords that match the color of umbrellas are a way to get rid of the cable to the optical chain.

Taped and foil bags as planters

Whether you want to make the traditional poinsettia in a suitable pot or other houseplants give a Christmas outfit, why not take even an unusual vessel for that? A fun idea is foil bags from the CREA pop series, available in various sizes. You can use napkins motives are glued, woven or uncoated paper, as well as other film products. The advantage is that you can choose the design and the colors and adjust in this case, the corresponding plant. If you set the plant in a pot in the uncharged case, you can even use the bag as a gift bag or even afterwards with adjusted wind light as a luminous object Christmassy.