If your living room is starting to look a little dated, you should think modernising it. You could make your living space both modern and attractive. Read on for 10 great tips for creating a modern living room design.

  1. Extend the Space

Spaciousness is very much in vogue, and, to some extent, it always will be. Space transcends trend. So, even if your room isn’t the biggest, do everything you can to make it look like it is. Add mirrors and look into the possibilities of knocking through stud walls to create an open-plan feel to the room.

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  1. Don’t Hide Your Storage

A lot of us instinctively try to hide our storage, thinking that it shouldn’t be seen. But nowadays, it’s more than acceptable to incorporate your storage into the design of the room. Your bookcase can become a statement in itself! Trying getting a storage unit with plenty of gaps and then placing it near a window so light can pour through.

  1. Think About the Geometry

This isn’t as complicated as it might sound. Geometry is vital in designing a room. It just refers to the lines and angles created by your design. You want stick with one type of design. So if your walls and storage units are all very straight edged and clean, make sure your sofas and chairs are the same.

  1. Incorporate Your Soft Furnishings

There’s nothing worse than walking into the room and seeing a set of soft furnishings that feel completely out of step with the design of a room. Your curtains and cushions will immediately stand out if they don’t look right, so see them as part of the overall design.

  1. Embrace Alternative Seating

If you’re going for a modern design, don’t stick to the old conventions you’ve learnt over the years. There are loads of different types of seating you could use. Why not use big, colourful cushions instead of armchairs, for instance?

  1. Your Sofas and Chairs Should Reflect the Design

Whichever type of seating you go for, make sure it feels like an organic part of the room as a whole. You might want to go for a particular material that’s a running theme in the room. Leather doesn’t have to be just used on chairs.

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  1. Don’t Neglect Comfort

Some people worry that creating a modern design can mean having to have an uncomfortable, sterile living space. This doesn’t have to be true though. You can get all your luxury appliances in place beforehand, and this company academyair.com can help with heating and cooling. Then add the furniture you find comfortable, and build the design from there.

  1. Make the Most of the Outdoors

If you have the luxury of owning a home with a nice view out of the window, make sure you’re making the most of it. A glass wall which opens out can look great if you have a house in the right position for it. Your room will be forever bathed in natural light too.

  1. Make Your Fireplace a Centrepiece

Whether your fireplace is in use or not doesn’t really matter, they can still look great! You can renovate it to create an attractive minimalist centrepiece. Or you could install a log burner and go for a more authentic feel.