The girl grew up and his room has a child touch, how to decorate with things that are giving it a modern and youthful.

The mother of the family is responsible for many things, the decor is one of them and without being an expert is victorious in every task he undertakes. Sometimes the changes planned in advance and can invest some money, others are done as needed, thinking only decorate and save . The nursery is something you have to redecorate as they grow. That of girls is more often, just to give them a nice room for the princess of the house.

Changes simple

The idea is not to change the decoration, only remodel, to thereby add a modern touch, organizing all the accessories of the youth room . If you definitely do not want to have toys and dolls, we must remove them and pass them to the sister or donate, there is always nurseries, hospitals or schools that receive toys. Doing so will make the boy go grasping the concept of giving without interest. You have to ask if the stuffed animals come into the classification of toys and ornaments are, because some may want to leave, especially if it was the gift from someone special. Make several pillows (with shirts that do not use) to the bed, add a table , to receive visitors, floor cushions and make an environment to talk.


Everything at a glance

At this age, the accessories are never enough and the toilet does not accommodate so many pieces, except that the drawers are often small. The key to decorating on a budget is to organize things. Do not try to change habits, but things change and adapt to the style of the young. This cardboard boxes or wicker baskets are very useful small. It can therefore:

# Put in a box of nail polish and put on or in the toilet
# Lipsticks can be organized into a small box
# Hang a scarf near the mirror, for it put hair clips and brooches
# In a boat can be decorated to the brushes
# The baskets are good for socks or stockings, and you can put in the closet or wall
# Hang the bags on a hook on the door
# Put in the closet door (inside) that can serve as hooks for hanging belts

The cardboard boxes are used can be recycled, whether the rescue of a party or has been wrapping a gift, sometimes others are decorated and can be decorated to taste.

Bedroom and study

The desktop is part of the decoration, whether she has a computer, you need to maximize space, if it is not possible to acquire a special table for the PC, adapt to what we have. Place the monitor on the desktop, if the CPU does not fit, try to put it on a bench or on a shelf attached to the wall. Sometimes you can not avoid making an expenditure, and if it comes to saving space, put a shelf near the desk to serve for a boat with books and pencils is a good investment. You can put a shelf over the bed or desk, and she put what you want.

If the girl does homework in her room and likes to have many books, a bookseller guy look good, unless you want to buy one, put other shelves. Each timber can be painted a different color. For bedrooms with limited space, the shelves can go in a corner of the room, with wood triangular. Another option is to send to a timber to serve as the desktop and go wall to wall, you will have plenty of room on it to put different things. Since the room is the personal space that is available can be found in her study articles, sports, music and even necessary for a pet. Although the changes are minimal, the atmosphere will feel different and the girl will be comfortable in your space, this will be reflected in your mood and relationships with the rest of the family. Do not be afraid to make changes, but does not decide alone, become complicit in her daughter and plan together, share time and space.