If you are thinking of living a more environmentally friendly life then one of the things holding you back might be the fact that you have sometimes heard negative things about green homes.

If this is the case then you will be relieved to see some of the issues you are likely to have heard about are myths. Here are some of the most common ones.

Expensive To Do

Has anyone ever told you that getting a green home is expensive? This is true if you want a fancy property with all of the top modern gadgets. However, there are also a lot of little touches that you can make which are either cheap or free to carry out. For example, changing to low energy light bulbs and switching off your appliances when you go out can make a big difference to your annual consumption and save you money instead of costing it. By concentrating on the low cost changes you could make it is possible to gradually upgrade your home into a green one without having spent very much on it at all.


It Will Make Your Home Ugly

This point possibly comes from the pictures of weird and wonderful green properties which we sometimes see in newspapers or online. It is true that there are green houses which are unusual to look at but this doesn’t mean that yours has to turn ugly just because you want to be more environmentally friendly. For example, if you are using too much energy to heat the place then you could look at installing double glazed uPVC windows. These come in a lot of fantastic designs and will make your home more attractive instead of less so. The same goes for other green products, which are either unobtrusive or downright attractive in their own right.

Green Products Are Unreliable / Poor Quality

This is a myth which perhaps comes from the early days in environmentally friendly products. These days you are unlikely to find more problems with green products for your home than you would with conventional ones. Whether you are thinking of adding solar panels, making your shower waste less water or something else, you are likely to find that nowadays green products are high quality and long lasting. The key is in deciding what part of your house you want to improve and then look at how to do it. If you do this correctly then you will find that it is something which can be of great benefit to your home as well as to the planet.