Install an air conditioning system, it is not a simple thing, but with some effort and a good dose of patience, you can be able to achieve without problems the main stages of the work. And if the person who wants to try their hand at this unique venture is a housewife who does not want to make her the adjective desperate, it is undoubtedly desirable, or at least desirable, the interested help of the plumber or that of a friend who is disinterested on average, experienced in hydraulic systems. And This is mainly because you will make essential use of special technical equipment that usually are not readily available in the home, unless one happens to be the wife or sister of a plumber, but not everyone has such luck.


Well, let us arm ourselves with courage and let’s begin. If it’s any consolation, my graceful housewife, do not pretend a perfect mastery of the topic: the avoidance of doubt tell you immediately clear that I know exactly how you, but along the way I’m sure things will get better, I do it I put the effort, you cross your fingers. Among other things, I am very curious to learn, so do not waste time. Here are the instructions to follow, like a breadcrumb trail will lead us to realize what promises to be quite a ‘foolhardy undertaking. Hey, a housewife, are you still there? It? You were asleep? Ok, then it starts with the visit an electronics store or household items, preferably that sells quality products and the classic sun which is usually hitting those unfamiliar with DIY. Come on, quick, quick. There you are, trying conditioning system that best conforms to your interests. The very fine trick is to make the purchase during the winter months, that is when the product is completely useless. In the cold months of the year in fact the question collapses abruptly; For this reason you will have plenty of opportunities to take advantage of bargain prices, saving, as befits a good housewife!

Also make sure that the air conditioning system you have purchased is suitable for the volume of the room where you have decided to install it, or at least asking the shopkeeper even reading the instructions on the box or those features that the manufacturers never fail to bring back. It is particularly important to know the BTU (British Thermal Unit) necessary for the installation environment chosen. As a guide, then keep in mind that for 20 square meters, corresponding to the average size of a room, you need 7,000 but, while 30 square meters will require an amount of between 10,000 and 12,000 BTU.

Ah, here came the husband to break my eggs in the basket! But, good news: the load is doubled. Now open the package and make sure there are the brackets for the outdoor unit and the indoor. If you fail to be present, you are in trouble, but do not despair, at least not yet: just make a run in hardware, requiring the sturdy metal brackets to support, in addition to screws and dowels. Also buy the pipes for front gas and electrical cables, you’ll need it later. With a drill practice (I would say that it is better to do it the husband, now that comes in handy) of the holes in the outer wall, where it will then housed the outdoor unit of the plant and, with the aid of pressure screws, start to fix the brackets just purchased. Also make sure that they are perfectly horizontal, using a level to place them on the wall at that location. Immediately after slide a pencil through the holes of the brackets, to mark the points where the holes will be drilled with a drill.

Handling skillfully drill and screws to press, you can finally take care of the brackets that will govern the indoor unit of the air conditioner and the duct. At this point you pass the pipes and electrical cables in and connect it to the indoor unit. Here, it is at this stage that it becomes necessary to have a plumber . With a dedicated rotary instrument, which he normally supplied, now cut the pipes and cables in excess. Using another instrument, your priceless and indispensable companion will now a leak test of the means of nitrogen gas at 35 bar. Immediately after create the vacuum inside the system and, finally, it will test. The part of the installation within the reach of all, as we noted at the beginning that it is confined to fix the bars and the connection of the pipes. By making these preliminary steps, you’ll still played a considerable part of the entire installation work, allowing them to enjoy a significant reduction in labor costs .