Moving is a task that involves more than just boxes, ribbon and packaging. It is an event that may become out of control if you are not organized or do not know where to start in the packaging process. You do not want your belongings are lost or broken, but want the process to flow smoothly and quickly. When you need to pack your stuff and move, it is important to have a plan and start packing early, just to know what to pack and how. Looking for affordable movers in Glendale AZ is vital. Moving your home accessories will be a tough thing to do.

moving packing

Put together a plan

Before distributing and pack your stuff, a written plan outlining the following information: which rooms are going to be packaged, what great items are going to move from side to side, what items can be donated, the date of moving, buying provisions, Moving the service to use and tasks from your friends or family to help with the move.


Reserve and recruits

Reserve the truck or moving service at least two weeks to a month in advance of the move date. Recruit friends and family with at least two weeks in advance to know you counted with help. Do not forget to invite more people to help you in case someone has an unexpected or change of plans.


Cancel and subscribe to services

Contact utility companies in your new home or apartment and requested at least two days prior to the date of moving services you installed. You will not want to wait for the services to be installed the same day that you move. Make sure the services are disconnected in your old home the day after the move, so avoid running out of power on moving day. Do not forget to call the post office, cable companies, Internet service, credit card companies, your bank and other services with a minimum of two weeks before the move to change your registered address.



Purchase or gather the items you will need to pack before starting the process. Collect boxes, scissors, string bags, clothes , newspapers or paper bubble wrapping paper, packing tape, colored markers and trash bags. Take a large box and write on it “Provisions for moving” or similar name. Put the items in this box, so you know where to find them when you need.


Staging area

Use a room or area of ​​your house or apartment as a staging area to put the items to be packed, as well as your box of “Provisions for moving” to the objects needed to pack.


Save and pull

First check your belongings, decide what will donate and what will pull away before placing them in the staging area. When you review your clothes, start with the off-season and keep them or throw them; Any then put in bags to store clothes to prevent wrinkling.


Label the boxes and bags

Fix a system of colors if you do not want to write the names of the rooms in the boxes and bags. For example, yellow for the kitchen, blue for the bathroom, red for the office, etc.


One box at a time

When you’re packing, do it to a box at a time to avoid having partially filled boxes and put the wrong items in the wrong boxes. Label the boxes immediately after placing the first item; do not say “I will then.” If your family or friends help you check regularly you are following your instructions and do not place any object in any case.


Hand bag or box

Assemble a hand bag or box with items needed to spend the first night at home, such as hygiene items, clothes, dishes, utensils, flashlight, batteries, items for cleaning and canned or other foods. This will prevent having to check all the necessary boxes looking objects.