Do you think of yourself as a DIY repair person or handyman? Think you’re up to any challenge your home can throw at you? While it’s always admirable to take an interest in the well-being of your home, there are always some things you could learn more about.

Basement waterproofing covers a broad range of services and preventative measures. Foundations need protection from moisture, mold, and mildew, and from many undesirable gases and liquids. This service is vitally important. Professional foundation repair technicians must be able to deal with various types of structures, like sunken living areas, root cellars, underground houses, underground vaults, storage areas underground, and regular everyday basements.

A competent contractor like the ones at AquaTight Basements will know all about how moisture behaves and interacts with the soil.


Real estate prices have increased over the years as basements have become more commonly placed in new construction. This industry has become very specialized and requires a professional touch.

Concrete is very heavy, and it undergoes a chemical reaction whenever it comes in contact with water. While it appears to be totally solid, actually it carries quite a bit of porosity.

There are tiny little voids all throughout the mixture. The soil surrounding the foundation contains some gases and liquids that can potentially penetrate the concrete. Soil vapors can move freely from a high-pressure environment into one that is low-pressure.

The soil generally carries a higher pressure environment than the structure inside and ends up causing the soil vapors to be drawn inside the building, entering those porous pockets within the concrete. This is a constant battle that people hardly notice until something goes wrong.

Highly qualified professionals are trained to protect more than just the structure, but the family who lives there as well. Soil and groundwater are susceptible to contamination from gases and toxic liquids. When organic matter decomposes, it releases what is called ‘methane’. It leaks down into the septic systems and sewers.

There are always underground natural gas lines, along with buried fuel tanks, that will leak petroleum into the groundwater. There can be all kinds of insecticides and termite treatment sprays also hiding beneath the surface of the soil. These are truly environmental hazards that can cause very serious diseases in people. Groundwater is the water that saturates down below the overlying topsoil’s.

It can actually back accumulate until it rises above the soil and becomes surface water. Aside from gravity, one of the greatest influences on groundwater is its interaction with earthen materials. It can actually move both laterally and upward in movements referred to as ‘wicking’. It moves toward those most permeable soils.

Because of the things mentioned above, basements various other types of foundation walls can suffer damage due to the soil pressure. Tilting, bowing, and cracks in the wall are telltale signs that you should call a professional quickly.

It doesn’t take a genius to know that things will only get worse if action isn’t taken. A foundation repair specialist can save your walls, your home, and your entire family. They have all the expertise to handle numerous situations, using a broad range of methods, serving you and your family in a very important role.