Given the lack of space is the furniture solution versatile alternative parts are hidden containers, expandable, modular and more.

The mission of the furniture multifunction is to be practical, simple operation, fulfill different purposes and take up as little space as possible. These pieces make their task of transforming a piece of furniture can be 2 to 1, 3 in 1, 5 in 1, in order, as the number of functions that can make a piece.

A classic example of this concept is the sofa bed that appeared to have two furniture one and only fits one way or another depending on usage. By day you may prefer more space and leave the chair, and at night put the bed. Besides its main objective, which is to save space, they are also to give it a home renovator or anywhere, so it looks different.

Types multifunctional furniture

* With hidden compartments: They have storage containers.
* Expandable: Extend hidden parts that contract to change of use.
* Sliding: The sliding down a shaft to show or hide.
* Modular: They are composed of several parts or modules that are easily separated and change places giving a new property to the cabinet. Arm and disarm is to form composite parts.


* Rotary: They have several elements that revolve around an axis to change position and fit the space.
* Folding: Dual points or different heights to become.
* Mixed: combine functions previously presented.

Common examples of versatile furniture

* Bed: there are folding in one piece, embedded in bookcases and convertible into a sofa.
* Couch: They are modular, with magazines, mixed and sliding.
* Tables: no folding, revolving, sliding and mixed.
* Desktop: With expandable tables or shelves, sliding, rotating or folding
* Bookcases: You can find tables, desks or expandable beds. Also with sliding shelves to change their appearance and height.

Silvia Oropeza, a professor of industrial design at the Metropolitan Autonomous University (UAM) stated:”Until now, innovation has been limited to use of space in the same cabinet , drawers incorporated in the bases of beds or chairs, for example, but little has been done to create concepts that leverage airspace ”

This refers to having equipment is another level, as in a loft but with home furniture like bunk beds that are stacked on each other or shelves built on the wall to clear the floor level, among others. If you are inclined to innovate with an option, the furniture stores have wide variety of this merchandise in catalogs, you can get through them manually querying carpenters or tutorials of experts.