When we are preparing to renovate the house, it is important to properly evaluate the choice of floors since it is a final pose, and if appropriate, does not provide the desired results both from the point of view of functionality that aesthetics. In this respect, in this guide, we speak of natural stone floors, analyzing them carefully based on the pros and cons.

begin to analyze the natural stone, talking of the pros who are undoubtedly many; In fact, the installation allows us to decorate with style rustic surroundings, such as a living-dining room, with an adjacent stone fireplace and furniture masonry. Even for a disengagement the stone floor is ideal to combine it with other types of tile, such as those decorated ceramic or stoneware .

natural stone floors

Another advantage of these types of flooring, is that they are very robust, do not tend to be wasted because the cut is irregular in nature, and to the maximum in the case of some small imperfections had been made, it is possible to intervene with epoxy fillers or simply clothe them with the flatting to make them more brilliant. Also for the purposes of the spots, you get good results as if they are hostile, we can intervene with sandpaper or steel wool to remove metal. So far we have talked about the many benefits of natural stone flooring, but however it is important to mention the disadvantages that have to be taken into account according to the speech mentioned in the introductory phase, and that concern over their durability factor also feature , or cleaning and maintenance .

The natural stone floors should be cleaned frequently, as they tend to become grainy, releasing dust and especially the joints you create an ugly mix of colors, very pleasing to the eye. Even as regards maintenance, one drawback is definitely their natural porosity which tends to accumulate dirt, or failing altogether because of the continuous stepping, makes the entire smooth pavement and therefore slippery, so it is a important factor not to be ignored for the purposes of safety, especially in the presence of children and the elderly. However we have to add that if we intend to use natural stone for the driveway to our house, for the garden or the pool is certainly appropriate, and the only maintenance concerns periodic cleaning with straw oil and any chippings , to make it more non-slip.