Anyone who was interested in installing an air conditioner in their home for the summer, surely, already did and was informed of which would be the most suitable for their needs. Of course, there are also cases where everything is left for the last moment or is carried out on impulse after a first week of suffocating heat.

Which air conditioning is the most suitable? What should you keep in mind? Well, there is a list of basics. With them you will be able to filter out options that are not valid for you but, above all else, do not make you dizzy in the store. If you would like to know brief information about air conditioning repair Phoenix AZ, you could choose here.

4 Things You Should Know Before Buying an Air Conditioner

If you go to buy an air conditioner you can live two experiences. The first is that you have to go looking at your option and end up dizzy or even overwhelmed to understand nothing. Or the second, that the salesman will again make you dizzy with questions until you find the one that would be the perfect Air Conditioning for you.

It happens to solve both situations the best thing is that you know this:

  • The types of air conditioners are many and these are composed of an outdoor unit that is responsible for extracting hot air and cool the “we will” in the house, plus an internal that is the one that distributes it. This is what we would call a 1: 1 configuration.
  • When you go looking for an air conditioner it is important to know that it is an air -or split- for each room. It is true that the rooms nearby will benefit a little but you cannot pretend to cool the living room and also the bedroom with a single split. If you need to cool more rooms efficiently you will have to opt for multi split configurations.
  • Better if it’s Inverter. The Inverter technology of the air conditioners maximizes and improves the operation of them. Basically, to understand us, it is a way to boost the cooling capacity and keep it constant. This not only benefits in a better experience, without great changes of temperature, but also in the consumption and time necessary to have cold the room is smaller.
  • Finally there is the noise level. Between 20 or 25 dB would be the interval that I would determine to have a team that does not disturb in the moments of maximum silence.

Finally and as an extra bonus, it is useless to invest in the best air conditioning device if we do not have our house well conditioned and with a loss of temperature reduced to the maximum. That is to say, windows that avoid the exit of the cold air and the entrance of the hot one.  In addition, to basic tips so that the temperature of our home is not higher.

Other features such as integration in home automation systems, remote control, etc. are small interesting extras but according to the profile of each one will have to value it to a greater or lesser extent.