During Salone del Mobile 2013, Porro presented his new hugging traditions and rediscover new technologies between past, present and future with shapes and materials that come back from the past dressed in new features.For that reason think of your furniture removals now, and try to change the with Mikado ones (if you can afford them.


Porro at Salone del Mobile presented the ideal concept of a villa from the free plan and the fluid space designed by PieroLissoni where each element is in the minutest detail and cleverly put, two dining rooms, a bedroom, a living area, a home-office area and a dressing room will be the new heart of the home as a space to devote to the special care of yourself.

The common thread between rooms play of solids and voids and the use of natural materials and colors is the dove gray walls, light gray for the floor for softened carpets, eucalyptus and brush strokes of yellow, orange and green making their way between objects mainly in white or black, in environments where everything fully flows in all one harmonious with the icons of Porro and the new products in the collection.

PieroLissoni, the art director of the brand  is called to work simultaneously on different scales: on the one hand the definition of the new compositions of the system cabinets Storage, whose range is completed by large sliding doors to full height wooden ones, where he will be able to conceal a wardrobe by creating a new room, the other new furnishings and updating existing ones, declining his spirit purist in key small, medium, large and extra-large. Beside him is “the Front”, the three Swedish designers with whom the company has worked since 2009, specialists in reconciling the formal simplicity of Porro with a design full of charm and resume that worksfine while ritualising.


The first of their new products to debut in 2013 is the trough container Mikado: a piece of furniture that intrigues while seducing with its lightness and strong exotic appeal. Raised on a thin wooden frame, Mikado is a container for the living area enclosed by doors created by a double row of wooden slats, angled and staggered while leaving a glimpse of the inner content in an appealing see / not see.

The irregularity of nature is domesticated by the Front and transformed by Porro in an object processing in the series to be used in every day contemporary with a touch of irony, an unexpected presence that is rooted in our imagination in a more intimate way.


The furniture Porro lends itself into being mixed in endless contaminations, reinterpretations, combinations, to create a harmonious a whole different decoration idea every time and corresponds to the vision that everyone has in their home.