The home is the place of the soul, for many people, not just the night shelter to rest. It ‘a refuge, a port in the storm, a place where sacred and untouchable away from the stresses of everyday life and the outside world. It ‘s the place where you can relax and rediscover themselves. The more we live in the house as a place for the soul , the more we change and adapt to our image and likeness. There are many methods and techniques to customize their homes from heavy and massive restructuring that will radically change the initial appearance, the easier and less impaction change the furniture, through interventions of a decorative interior which can be small or large depending on the will and finances of the owner. Of course, playing on decorations is one of the more interesting and fun, especially in recent times have seen the emergence of new solutions and interesting products.

Innovative ideas

Decorations made ​​of visual and tactile pleasure, for example, are those that propose Materiel the new decorative family H2art , which can be freely used for walls of taverns, local rustic and any covering indoor and outdoor where you want an effect to thickness , interracial that can be finished in a variety of artistic effects and color: antique stucco, colorful frescoes, reproductions of works of art, rustic decor and lots of mingling of styles, which can include photo effects and modern graphics. The final result is expressed in walls to look at and touch, which is dominated by the value of the senses and perception. From a practical point of view, Materiel consists of a sheet plastered that comes re-printed according to the measurements and the graphics choice, sold in convenient rolls .


Like all products signed H2art, Materiel is breathable, durable and does not contain ingredients harmful to the environment and people. E ‘was also studied in order to be able to integrate with any type of paint or protective finish available on the market, and is therefore compatible with the most stringent constraints of the specifications. Especially, Materiel is also fully customizable . The installation is quick, clean and simple and is carried out through the wall mounted using the special glue sold with the product. For further customization, you can also use a special plaster to adorn the edges of decorum . The next step is the removal, with great delicacy, the blind, to admire the decoration you want instantly transferred to the wall.