Lush couches, awnings and bright colors make for a touch of the Caribbean in the garden, terrace or balcony.

You do not have the usual white, recycled yogurt cups of garden furniture? The gray and even on prolonged standing outside in the ultraviolet light and brittle? Furniture in the truest sense of the word now your outdoor area. Since we no longer indulge the relaxation on a rickety old bed, which often broke down in the most unexpected moment in one, but has since announced “chill out”, one of them necessarily a big daybed rattan with cushion. Anyway rattan furniture is the trend. They came on in parallel with the increasing number of passes through the Winter Gardens, which not only save energy but also banish garden furniture is no longer in the cellar during the winter. To stay out in the open, the furniture has been developed from so-called Poly Rattan, Rattan aussehendem so as plastic, so that the sets do not attract moisture and mold.

A touch of the Caribbean, some flair of Morocco and the trend toward luxury

Garden furniture made ​​of rattan and wicker ensure a Southern touch, radiate comfort as well as wooden furniture. The pads are also to become thicker, so it will even discount stores offered seat cushions for the floor. A party in the pavilion so that it gives the impression as if a Moroccan sheik invited to the banquet. The lounge chairs are always expansive, provide space for at least two people, as one knows from luxury hotels on the roof terrace around the swimming pool. And the rage is spacious with sofas round indentations for Mojito glaser of a newly developed water-resistant plastic that feels like leather but comfortable. In catalogs of course illustrated with beautiful male models and playmates lolling around it.


Bring on the sun sail

It began in the 1950s with a brave little parasol: The luxury of fringes and tassels were all around them. Who wanted to show the neighbor in the apartment building is that it is something better, who bought in the 1970s and later a rectangular, in the 1980s, an oversized umbrella, as it were the restaurants. In the 1990s, the pavilion was his triumph in the gardens. He is still in vogue, because every garden party are not so well with unexpected rains have stopped panicking. But now comes the sun shade, practically and quickly rolled up, not just in delicate white, but in fun colors like orange and turquoise. With suitable racks, it can easily over sand pits and over the swimming pool to be opened against pollution leaves.

Beach chairs conquer the inland

Against the increasingly aggressive solar radiation by the expanding ozone hole not only protect themselves with sunscreen, but also by roofs. The good old beach chair heard for some time not only on the North and Baltic Sea, he is conquering more and more inland. Pull-out storage ottoman and boards, was back and folding roof and adjustable backrests of the exhibit has always been. DIY do it today with its prices affordable. It is, as always, on the environment , and to your own taste, whether you stay on the mountain hut in the good old beer tent or the cottage in Spain introduced the chill lounge.