New year eve decorations is a main task for Christmas. Organize a beautiful celebration of New Year’s Eve can be a really challenging task: in addition to having to make a list of guests and try to please everyone, you have to dedicate time and effort to the menu and Ingemar to prepare the house so you can welcome friends and family in complete comfort, creating a festive atmosphere. To make this goal less burdensome and allow you to say goodbye to the year that ends with a smile on his face I propose to you some nice ideas to decorate your house for New Year’s Eve .


The first step to a new year of success is organized well. First, decide how much space to allocate to the party: you could opt for the whole house, or just limit it to a few rooms at a salon (in any case do not forget to decorate the bathroom). Once you have defined the space, keep in mind that you can decorate the ceiling, doors, windows, walls, tables, floors, even with decals, confetti and pine needles. Then set how much time and money you may use: give yourself a budget, which will help you to not go overboard with your expenses and will be an incentive to recycle old decorations in the attic recovered from previous festivals. So let’s create the atmosphere you want. You may choose to either organize a theme party. As just one example, we decide that the clock is the object around which gravitate to the festivities: ask your guests to bring the clocks, old and new, big and small, wrist or wall. With colorful garlands and streamers, and decorated the house with them. Sync them all so that you can delight with chimes at midnight, ringing, buzzing, diverse and playful sound that will amaze your guests.

Another original theme is that of the past year: pulls out the memories of the events that have marked the u time 12 months, such as a bow for a child / a newborn / a, photographs, newspaper articles, gifts, everything that remind you of important moments, to be greeted with a propitiatory toast the arrival of the new year. If you want to transform your home into a ballroom refuel mask, hats and whistles to be distributed to guests, hang a strobe ball in the center of the ceiling and abundant with balloons and streamers. The board will go positioned on one side of the room to make room for dancing and to your stereo system or, if you can afford to band music. Do you want to overdo it? Buy decals for the walls theme. For a party in the family hang lanterns, pom-poms, pinwheels and fans in the colored tissue paper diary, spread on the tablecloth confetti, starlets in foil, streamers or create a cheerful centerpiece recycling lollipops, dried flowers, pine branches sprayed with glitter spray.

Looking for something more sophisticated? Spread of fine candlesticks in silver or crystal or gold with long red candles in strategic areas of the home (on the table at the entrance, on the fireplace and on the table, do not overdo it), made ​​a nest by wrapping a strip of white lights and the center Lie down of welcome chocolates; applied a few flakes in red velvet as tiebacks and positioned on the terrace with a lighthouse whose light the district at the stroke of midnight. The table will be the star of the evening, then dedicate all due care. For those who like the simplicity takes a couple of scented candles in the center, you can give a refined touch by adding pomegranate cut in half or apples, tangerines and pine cones for a more casual decor. If you do not love candles and as you prefer the natural aromas of mandarin peels lying on radiators. Obviously an eye with regard to the bubbles will go: be creative and prepared according to the theme of champagne flutes in crystal, which you can embellish with fresh strawberries, or for a holiday home, you opt for the comfortable cups of champagne in plastic, from decorate with toothpicks festively decorated (with bits of tree garland Christmas). At home can not miss a beautiful Christmas tree, indoor fireworks (for indoor pyrotechnic type starlets and bottles launches streamers). If the party will participate, including children, do not forget to give them a space in which to play and entertain by providing paper, crayons, board games and a small buffet of assorted confectionery and colorful.