The decorative stickers

Looking for a different way to brighten up a wall of your house? These are not short of ideas! The use of stickers is gaining popularity and the possibilities are endless. Take inspiration from the following photos to spice up your decor and create unique works of art!

Some examples

Inspirational bathroom

You currently have before us a miracle performed on less than $ 500. Thanks to ingenious ideas, that gloomy bathroom becomes a haven of peace. Be inspired by this project to achieve feats as you worthy of the greatest designers!

Attractive stickers

Looking for ideas for decorations easy to make? Here is the perfect solution for those who feel to be less good at the disposal of accessories. These lovely designs stick and come off easily to reposition them if the result does not satisfy. The reasons offered are varied and their arrangement, infinite. You decide the desired effect! Here, the stickers up an assembly-like graphics.

wall -sconces

Night for the blue room

The blue color of the night, transforming the space into a cozy relaxing. The designer Catherine Tremblay wanted to create a timeless decor and unpretentious, so it has standardized the room with a soothing tone.

Summer wall art

For this decor in shades of brown, what more natural foliage as stickers to decorate the walls? These delicate patterns become the focal point of this space. Minibars wood keeps the drink at hand for evening entertainment. For the theme of the decor, it’s usability and splendor of the beautiful summer days.

The bath and its contemporary twist

Renew the atmosphere of the bathroom! The owner dreamed above all to shape her bathroom in a contemporary style. Three strokes and a floral pattern applied to a wall illico have changed the look of this den of well-being. The wonderful land and tandem white turns soothing wish! Another plus: the effect of the ceiling box highlights the area of ​​intimacy reserved for the bath, whilst boosting the decor.