Do not miss the opportunity to make a good first impression! When we think of entering a house, we think of first impression. A well-organized lobby is definitely more inviting for you and your guests. It will allow you an easy start in the morning and will welcome peaceful evening.

1) We prune

# Start by removing all items off-season entry: clothing, sporting goods, etc. Find a place to store them elsewhere (garage, attic, basement). Your entrance hall and closet should contain only things used during the current season.
# Attach a limited number of pairs of shoes, boots, coats per family member.
# Store what is not covered elsewhere (bedroom if space permits, otherwise basement or garage)


2) It organizes

Coats: Use good solid wood hangers. Leave some space in the closet or on the hook to receive those of your guests!
Shoes and boots : Place them on a door-tiered shoe. Use space to the vertical. In winter, install a tray underneath to catch water and dirt.
Slippers: Use a basket to put them together, one pair per family member and some extra for guests.
Hats and caps: hooks will do the trick or baskets on your shelf.
scarves, mittens, gloves: The important thing is to group them, either by categories or by individuals. Use bins, baskets or storage cubes to contain them.
Handbags and Backpack: if space allows, install sturdy wall hooks or storage cubes. If you do not have space, the bags go in the rooms.
Keys: Provide a placeholder for your keys and put them always in the same place as you enter. You can hang from a hook or placed in a beautiful bowl.
Mail: Create a mailbox. A tray or cart may very well receive it. Make sorting regularly (at least twice a week).
Things to remember before you go: Use a pretty basket near the front door of the house to drop the things we tend to forget about leaving, ex. Books for the library, reusable bags, etc..
Tips for kids: it’s important to create a space where they can “parachute” their things. Hooks for coats, school bags and lunch boxes and baskets for mittens and scarves. Ideally, use a double hook (coat and bag) and a basket (scarves, mittens, hat) per child. Do not forget to install them at their height!


# If your hallway contains no wardrobe, cupboard or a peg can certainly replace it and allow space for coats. If space permits, lay out a dresser with doors or drawers for the rest.
# For areas with small dimensions, decorate your walls with beautiful shelves and hooks.
# Use the inside of the door of the closet to install the brackets.
# Install a battery-powered light to see the content.
# Rotate objects and clothes with the seasons.

The essential elements of an entrance hall

1. Storage space for coats
2. Hooks for children
3. Containers for gloves, scarves, hats
4. Shoe Rack/boots
5. Shelf or small cabinet to file mail, keys, glasses
6. Mirror
7. Place to sit (ideally)

Regarding the organization of the wardrobe, we recommend the user a range-shoe swivel, made up, which can hang several pairs of shoes and takes little space. To date, she has found at Sears. If you wish to search the Internet, the term is the “revolving shoe rack.”