Living in a small space can be frustrating and irritating if you don’t know how to organize it! Small bedroom, bathroom, living room or maybe the entire apartment?! It doesn’t matter with what kind of a problem you’re faced with, because all of them are pretty challenging. But don’t worry, there is a solution for every problem. Your nightmare can be solved easily with a couple creative ideas and a positive and inspirational spirit! I’ve made a list of 9 clever Organizational Tips for Small Spaces that’ll help you to transform your space into cute and lovely home! Check out my suggestions and let me know if you know some other useful tricks! I’ll be glad to hear back from you!

Framed Doorway with Shelves

framed doorway

I am opening my list with a creative idea that is a useful divider between your living room and dining room. If you add framed doorway with shelves in your home be sure that you’ll always have enough space for storing all your book collections and personal items, like photo frames or vases! Perfectly organized living room is guaranteed, just make sure to paint them in white or beige color!

Try Nesting Tables

nesting tables

Nesting tables are a great solution for every room, from bedroom to living room! They’re totally practical and if you cover yourself with a table like that, then you’ll squeeze a lot of storage out of a minimum space! The good thing is that you can always pull out the additional table when you need, but when you don’t, then take it away and use it as a storage for various objects or magazines!

Convertible Furniture

convertible furniture

Convertible furniture is one of the leading pieces you must own if you’re living in a small apartment! By having just a few of them you can easily transform a simple shelf into a dining table or you can switch from office to bedroom with two or three moves. Sounds simple?!

Create a Closet Office

You don’t need an additional room for your office, because you can easily create one by using your closet! This is actually very possible and you can make it by yourself thanks to many DIY projects that have a step by step instructions. Closet office is one of the best space-saving solutions for small homes!

Play with Bright Colors

Bright colors are making small spaces and rooms to appear bigger! So if you have a compact apartment, make sure to decorate it with furniture in white, beige or light gray shades! Pastel colors are also allowed and there is one more trick that may help: buy a furniture which has the same color like your wall!

Loft Bed is a Must

Loft beds are always welcomed in every home, but especially those that’re small! You can use this type of a bed for you or your kids, but make sure to use the most of the space under the bed. You can try to adjust it as a closet office or maybe cute living room?!

Find the Best Hidden Storage Solution

Nowadays, there are many hidden storage solutions for any size or type of a home, so you just have to make the right choice that’ll fit perfectly in your apartment. On the picture above is represented an amazing storage for a kitchen, but you can find useful pieces for every room you want and need!

Use the Stair Space

If you live in a house or apartment with more than one floor, then be smart and choose the appropriate way to use the space under the stairs cleverly! There are many possibilities, but this place is usually used as a closet, entryway or a library… Do you have some unique idea that’ll leave us speechless?

Float Furniture in the Center of the Room

float furniture

Did you know it that if you float the furniture in the center of the living room you’ll make the room come into sight larger and vast?! Yes, it’s extremely true, because if you use this trick and place your furniture away from the walls you’ll really add a quantity to a room! Is there any secrete?

-Thanks a lot for reading my topic. Hope read and enjoy!