For some professions work commitment does not end only in the office, some of us have the need to carry out some practices and other tasks at home, some even fully exercise their profession in the home. From this comes the need to have in your apartment a place prepared to carry out, in part or in full, our occupation. We’ll soon see how to organize office area in your home with the help of some simple tip .

The ideal would be to have a room to be used only as a study or office area , you do not need to be very great, what matters is that it is bright. We recommend placing a nice desk right in front of the window, so you can make the most of natural light; put above your computer , cards, pen, phone and everything that can be useful for work. Do not forget a good lamp desk that will make you light in the evening and night hours. Do you prefer a desk with drawers, to keep everything in order without creating overcrowding, and a swivel chair, more practical to get up often. Complete the decor with a library, a lounge chair or a small sofa and a lamp always close to recreate a reading corner, carpets, plants and pictures with your qualifications will be at your discretion.


But not everyone is so lucky and very often we have to deal with limited space, obtaining an office area as a part of other rooms like the living room or even bedroom . If the job runs out entirely on the computer and we do not need more, we can think of a small trolley on which fix the pc; excellent solution for a room not very big because it will occupy only a corner. In the event that instead the work was more challenging than the computer is not enough and may also disturb the sounds of children and television, a desk and a space quieter become necessary, in which case we suggest you opt for the bedroom : if space let you do it, engaged a part for your desk, maybe use a room divider to not interfere too much with the room decor. The sleeping area is more peaceful and quiet, so you can concentrate and work without being disturbed.

Finally, if you find yourself in the situation of being able to choose freely the room to your office area, as in the first case, always the one closest to the entrance, and in this way your customers or co-workers will not find themselves in the situation of having to cross throughout the apartment to access Remember to set up a table with different drinks to serve drinks to your guests, it will be an act of kindness certainly enjoyed If, as in the second case, you can not have a room of your own, try to make sure that the color and style of the furniture that you purchase can tune in as much as possible with those already present in the room will see that you have chosen to organize a home office , following some changes will not be so problematic, wish you good work!