The vacuum cleaner is a appliance that will be affordable and very important for domestic hygiene. Contrary to what some people will think it is quite possible to find parts for home appliances repair your vacuum cleaner. A vacuum cleaner is a device that uses an air pump to create a partial vacuum to suck up dust and dirt, usually from the carpet, but also tile and other smooth surfaces. If the air pump or any other part of the vacuum case, most people will see someone to fix it or just going to go buy a new one.

The dirt is collected by vacuum through a filtering system or a cyclone for later disposal. Without giving figures or percentages, it is possible to say today that almost all households are equipped with a vacuum cleaner. Even if the vacuum is not necessarily needed, it took an important place in our lives every day, but few people know its history. You can actually save time and money by buying parts of appliances into a store and repair your vacuum cleaner for yourself. There are many sites that offer parts for vacuum cleaners, as well as parts of a microwave, refrigerator and other home appliances.


For many years after their introduction, vacuum cleaners remained a luxury item, but after World War II they became common among the rising middle classes. McGuffey obtained a patent for his invention in 1869 and requested the assistance of a Boston-based company to commercialize the public. The machine was invented in 1868 light and compact, but it was difficult to operate because of the need to turn a crank at the same time you need to push on the ground. The first manually powered cleaner using vacuum principles was a vacuum cleaner called the whirlwind, invented in Chicago in 1868 by a man named views.

The first vacuum cleaner was sold for 25 dollars at the end of the nineteenth century, which was considered a high price at the time. Vacuum cleaners tend to be more common in Western countries, because in some parts of the world, carpets and rugs are rare and the houses have tiled or wooden floor, which can be easily swept, wiped or cleaned. McGuffey. It is difficult to determine to what extent the vortex was a commercial success because most of the early vacuum cleaners were sold in Chicago and Boston.