The kitchen has become the hub of the home. In addition, lately we see is not only gaining weight and square footage but on the other hand, increasingly tends to merge with other areas of the house. In the dining room, the lounge but seldom sees how it merges with the outside. Therefore this example outdoor kitchen did we bring home in the latest edition of Casa Decor 2016.

In addition, while one of the motivations of this progressive change has to do with the search for a better use of space especially in small apartments. However, with kitchens like this, there will be no problem. The one whose turn it is to cook, you can socialize and talk to the other lucky sunbathing on the terrace. Following a modular and sustainable philosophy has created this outdoor kitchen with the typical shape of a house with roof water but modified to open up and connect to the outside.

outdoor kitchen overlooking the garden!

Its facade is varnished natural iron and gives it a strong presence. In addition, outside, at the foot of the garden, there is a small cozy space. An outdoor terrace covered in wood, where the zone is located outside of the kitchen. He is accessed through a sliding glass doors, also iron. These give visual and spatial continuity between inside and outside of the kitchen.

How to organize a small outdoor kitchen

And while everything is uniform outside, inside it is a world full of color.  As a concept in which interior and exterior are fully integrated within no walls or boundaries. The living room and kitchen coexist in the same space. The outdoor kitchen expands along the entire side while the lounge is at one end of the room. In fact, the kitchen is extended without losing continuity to the outside, where it is mixed with a small lounge furnished with two deck chairs, side tables.

Outdoor kitchen decoration

Lighting is one of the strengths of this outdoor kitchen. The large glass window and let the sun fills the room with light and color light. However, the glass is not only the only source of light, but also from the zenith windows the roof. It is two electric roof windows with remote control opening.

In addition, if you have already amazed with what of ‘remote control’ ready because also have a built makes close on their when it rains rain sensor. Finally, the floor presents a chart pattern very eighties geometric shapes. The pastel and earth drawing alternating colors of this soil are ideal for the furniture, which incidentally is the Spanish based firm Sandal. What ‘pros’ find you a outdoor kitchen?