The outdoor lighting on your home or garden is not just for decoration, but also of safety.

The entrance area

The exterior lighting for the entrance area is one of the most important introductions the house. First, it is of course the orientation when you arrive or even visitors in the dark home. Also recognizing the house number at night can be important when guests come, for example. Also, remember that it is still dark in the winter during the morning hours, the outdoor lighting at the entrance door is also important for the postman and paper boy. Since the lamp is in the entrance area is also a showcase of your home, you should not buy anything. Meanwhile, there are so many beautiful, decorative ceiling lights, which can be mounted on a roof or wall of the house. Also in the front yard of course you should install lighting, here are suitable as LED lamps with solar, pointing the way to the house.

Outdoor lighting for the balcony or terrace

The lights from the balcony and terrace, you probably bring especially to himself. With light cozy evening can be nice to sit on the terrace. Accordingly, there can be a versatile outdoor lighting for patio or balcony. Lights or a light tube conjure atmospheric, light-colored. Even with the balcony lighting LED bulbs are the best choice. They help save energy and are also very durable. LED lamps with solar are ideal for path lighting or for nice effects in the garden. To illuminate a patio or balcony visible light really, they are less desirable.


Effect lighting in the garden

For outdoor lighting, of course, include effect lights for the garden. During the early gardens were still dark, we can see today more and more true light displays in bright colors in the gardens. Lighting also looks beautiful as this, you always think of the animals in your garden, they need the night rest. Therefore, the garden lights are switched off after a certain time, for example, from 24 Clock. Solar lights that shine throughout the night are automatically, so only recommended for the areas at the edge of the garden near the house.

The most important thing for a functional outdoor lighting combined

This outdoor lighting is not the power hungry, you should rely on LED bulbs. They can be used to illuminate large areas completely, the power consumption amounts to only a fraction of conventional bulbs. Colored light is particularly beautiful in the garden and terrace and is mainly on balconies.When lighting your garden you should also think about the animals that need darkness at night and rest. Therefore garden lighting should be fitted only in the vicinity of the house and turned off no later than midnight. The lighting of the entrance area and the garage is particularly important here makes possible the use of lights with motion detectors sense to save power.