At the end of a busy work day the only thing that comes to our mind is a time for rest we’ll spent in our bedroom! Yes, that’s the place where we can sleep or just relax with a good book in one hand and a cup of tea or coffee in the other. But to enjoy that experience in a real way, you first have to create the cozy atmosphere there. That’s pretty easy, you just have to choose the right colors for your wall! Not every color could be a bedroom color, because some of them can make you lose your sleep at night. That’s why I’ve made this article that’ll help you to find the right paint colors for your dreamy bedroom. Pick the color you like the most and don’t forget to accomplish the lovely atmosphere with a couple of aromatic candles and a quiet music from your favorite singer!

Bedroom Painted in Violet Shades

bedroom painted in violet shades

Violet shades are just perfect for any bedroom and I am considering to paint my entire home in that color! It’s proven that rooms that have violet walls are better for sleeping and relaxation! The best option is a lavender shade which looks great at night, but also feels amazing with the morning light! Feel free to combine this color with some neutral, beige shade for a better effect or just lighter violet, like in the picture above! Stay away from dark violet or purple, because they may fill you with negative energy!

Beige Bedroom

Look at that beige bedroom from the picture! It looks totally modern, elegant and cozy at the same time and I am asking myself who wouldn’t like to wake up in a room like that?! This is a perfect shade for people who love simplicity in the bedroom and for the workaholics either, because it’ll make them sleep better during the night and they’ll feel more energized in the morning. Because the walls are pale, you can play with the furniture colors or you can decorate the bed with pillows in pastel colors!

Pretty Light Blue Bedroom

pretty light blue bedroom

When I think of a blue color the first thing that crosses my mind is the summer and sea. So, who wouldn’t like to have a room that reminds of vocation?! By painting your walls in a light blue shade you’ll feel like you’re sleeping somewhere near the waves. Pick some shade which is between the blue and green and you’ll wake up refreshed and ready for the new day! This shade can be successfully mixed with a white color!

Camellia Pink Bedroom Walls

Camellia pink wall color is a huge hit right now and everyone wants to have it in the bedroom, even the male population who has much against this color! It’s a big trend and with a reason, because you’ll feel happy and positive while you’re in that room! The other great thing is that when you turn the lights off, the candle lighting will create a cozy atmosphere you and your other half will adore. Plus, the camellia pink will appear equally beautiful by night and by day!

Light Grey Bedroom Color

Someone could say that grey is a cold and poor color, but that’s not true, especially if you choose the right shade! If you’ve lost your head about this color, then you can surely have it in your bedroom because it’ll add a sophisticated and elegant touch there. Find the grey shade that looks a little bit green or blue by the daylight. Every color of a furniture goes well with light grey, but for a bedroom the best option is modern furniture in pastel shades of light pink, peach or purple!