This week, I will answer questions from netizens. Ms. Sarrazin would be guided and informed about the potential of color in a room like the kitchen. “Hi Brigitte, I want to paint the walls and ceiling of my kitchen. Can you explain the rules for the colors? For example, I know that a ceiling darker than walls gives the impression of crushing the room. The wall in the bottom of a darker piece gives the impression to make the room feel smaller? Thanks in advance L. Sarrazin ” Hello Ms. Sarrazin, The potential of the paint to change perceptions of the room dimensions are many. Here are some tips to guide you.

The color choices for the kitchen should be done from coatings in place, such as cabinets, counter tops and flooring. If the cabinets are very dark, we apply a lighter color on the walls and the ceiling. Moreover, if the cabinets are clear, it is possible to apply a tint on the walls stronger, with a gradient of the same color on the ceiling.


I like my color choice from the counter top, often with several shades that offer many possibilities for choosing the color of the walls and ceilings. If your kitchen is small and faint, choose the lightest shade that matches your counter top. And if your kitchen is bigger, then you can choose a shade stronger, darker. Make a choice from 3 to 4 shades and take time to analyze all in all. By exercising your eye to look the part as a whole and imagine the color on the walls, you will see that it is easy to operate by elimination. The colors that are wrong will be eliminated, until the perfect color! Make sure on color harmonizes also with the finished floor and adjacent rooms. And remember that there is not a mere possibility, not only a way to do it, so dare!

Some examples to inspire you!

We chose here a subtle shade of green (Sico 6168-52 Bonsai) to give heat and raise the wood grain cabinets. We kept the ceiling of a white gray harmoniously with ceramics. When a kitchen cabinets and counter very neutral, it is possible to add color to give a little life. Color: Sico 6119-63 jelly with pistachio. The very dark wall was chosen from the bar. We chose a very similar color that enhances the cabinets. Color: Sico 6184-63 icy landscape.