Jacynthe wonder if it would be wise to repaint his house facade of brick and how to do: “Hello, the front of our house is brick red-orange with planks of cedar-yellow beige. We would like to modernize the facade which dates from 70 years by changing the color of the brick and cedar planks. For the cedar, I have no problem, I have complete information needed to repaint a few boards. This is the brick that I have a problem. I wonder if it’s a good idea to do this. Does it damage the brick in the long run by preventing him from breathing properly? I do not paintings joints since they are gray and “streaming”, I am content to paint the brick in dark gray. I want to keep a nice effect, I did not want it look “fake”. I wonder if this is an application that can add value to the house or whether we risk devaluing its rustic appearance. And also, what technique is best if we decide to paint the brick? Thank you very much. ”


Hello Jacintha,

It’s a good idea to paint the brick to give it a second wind. It is much cheaper than to change, that’s for! If you decide to paint only the bricks without making joints, it’s still a work detail in which you decide to embark. Ideally, I would suggest you take a picture of your brick and bring it (the photo, not the brick) in your paint retailer. That way he can see exactly what it is and advise you properly in the choice of paint. To me, a oil primer is necessary before applying paint to concrete or brick.

You need to use a small brush to not spill over into the joints. I have not had the experience of painting the brick on the outside, but from having seen it, I can tell you that the result was really beautiful. I did this by often cons in and obviously the result placed a wall completely transformed. It just remains to confirm the choice of paint with your advisor at your home center, but it’s definitely a good idea.