Each key has a type of energy that can help create a relaxing atmosphere at home.

The colors are the effect of the visual perception of human beings and each color can inspire different kinds of feelings and emotions. The home for human beings is like a temple where activities and meet the basic functions and therefore it must have a good environment for reasons of convenience and comfort. Currently there are many shades of the colors are striking, beautiful and also create an atmosphere of peace and harmony.

Energy of colors

It is understood that the primary colors are yellow, blue and red and the mixture of these colors has a huge range of colors and shades. The yellow color is represented as light and heat, while blue represents peace and tranquility and red emotion and passion. The resulting mixture of yellow to red is known as burning, while the mixture of red and blue or blue to yellow is referred to as cold. The hot colors are those that reflect the feelings like love and emotions like passion, while cool colors are more linked to peace, fortune and emotional balance .


Within these designations are sub names, which shows the warm colors like orange or tone down the colors red and yellow and cool colors like green and the low tone of blue, which becomes the sky. There are also clear or pastel colors, which are the low tones of all colors and dark colors or strong. Bright colors are instead usually primary and secondary , with a strong tone and eye-catching, such as orange, violet, yellow, lime green, among others. White represents purity and goodness, while the black signifies darkness and lack of life.

Exterior paint

Normally there is no general rule for exterior painting, as both colors can be chosen, dark, bright or pastel, as they all look great and no color on the outside darkens or lightens a home. It usually requires two colors to paint the exterior, the base and merge. The base is used in the walls appear light or medium and the combination is used in columns and edges, and its hue is strong.

Interior Painting

For larger homes, spacious and very light, cool colors and dark rooms are ideal because they create a sense of calm and help to better sleep. The living room, study and kitchen should always wear colors that complement the furniture. For these large spaces of bold colors like blue, red, dark green and Maron help much, because they give a cheerful atmosphere to the house. In small houses there are many more limitations, because in most low light and dark colors make you look very strong or a feeling of tightness and dark and could have the opposite effect. These houses, in rooms and in the living room and kitchen should be painted in pastel colors or white for a more clear view.

Each color has its energy

To make the right choice of colors for the home you need to know what kind of energy contained in each color to obtain the desired result.

White: It means goodness, purity and innocence; invoke the light of the clarity and good wishes. It helps to purify the mind and is recommended for babies rooms.

Yellow: Energy, joy, intelligence and brilliance. It helps clarify the confusion

Blue: Emotional stability, faith, truth, loyalty, harmony and peace. Decrease fears and gives good vibes.

Red: Courage, passion, strength and aggressiveness is also linked with love . Helps remove depression.

Green: Balancing traditional and hope. Revitalizes the spirit, attracts compassion and balance the emotions.

Purple: Serenity. It helps to reassure the strong personalities.

Orange: Total energy. Helps stimulate the power of human beings.

Gray: Creativity. Allows you to aim for success in the activities.

Brown: Warmth and masculinity depending on the strength of its tone.

Gold: Power for the mind and body.

Silver: Peace and liberation of ailments and diseases.

Black: Eloquence, majesty and power. Not recommended for walls, but for clothing.