What conditions have to paint garden furniture?

Are furniture is stained to force dinners under the stars? Have you tried using a sponge and soap and have no desire or budget to invest in new furniture? You’ll get great results if you paint. Painting over plastic carries no particular difficulty, yes, it is necessary that the base is properly prepared for the paint to adhere properly.

Choosing the right paint

for your outdoor furniture like never reluctance should follow the following tips regarding the type of paint with which you work: glossy acrylic paint and matte varnish are required.
addition, there are special paints for plastics varnish need not, but not in all paint marks. However, a varnish layer ensures always paint adhesion. Posts to paint the exterior furniture demarcate try the classic colors like white, beige or khaki. The advantage of creating freedom is offered: carmine red?, Yellow??, Apple green?? Choose the colors you want, given the tone of the garden, the dishes. Today there are an infinite number of colors on the market and it would be a shame not to use them. You can also place a sticker: there that are waterproof and can decorate the furniture once you’ve painted.


Materials needed

* A torch
* special acrylic primer
* acrylic paint satin
* matte acrylic varnish
* Brushes
* Brush Lana steel

Paint by stages: simple and effective

1) Clean the furniture: To paint well starts cleaning the furniture thoroughly with soap and water.
2) The torch: Before you start painting must pass the torch flame on the paint furniture adhere better. Do be careful not to melt the plastic.
3) The polish: This step is necessary but not mandatory. Polish the furniture will make the paint stick better also because the irregularities are removed. The best option is plastic polishing steel wool. Pass it gently on areas go to work.
4) The primers: Start applying a first coat of acrylic primer and let dry thoroughly. You will need a second coat for the furniture is properly prepared before painting.
5) Painting: After making sure that the surface is completely dry and you can paint. To finish gives the furniture a coat of matte acrylic varnish.