Hello Alain,

I have a brick house, but my veranda (three seasons), and down my stairs in my house are cement. The previous owners have painted rusty, but since everything is peeling. How do I proceed to paint? Should I scrape all the paint, I sand, I speak some acid that I would have sprayed on the wall. What paint should I use then to make it sustainable? I must also repair cracks. With what? In short, while a project to. Thank you very much to enlighten me, if possible! And congratulations on your articles. It’s very interesting. Isabelle

Hello Isabelle,

It is indeed a great project for. The first thing to do is to remove peeling paint using a pressure washer with water. The powerful jet will lift the paint and prepare the surface for what happens next. Next, we must repair any cracks or fill the holes with cement designed for this purpose you find in hardware stores. Be sure to ask the proper cement for the repair, since it contains a kind of glue that will adhere properly to allow a beautiful lasting repair.


Once everything is ready, you can proceed to paint. Before proceeding, we must of course wait a few days to allow the cement to dry thoroughly. In hardware, see the expert who will advise you paint a painting concrete (possibly epoxy) that will withstand our climate (sun, heat, rain, cold, snow).

But there are also new products on the market: among others, I found a product called? ‘Condor CR-2100” I have not tried it yet, but I’m looking forward to test . It is a textured finish coating based on water that moves in one step. The product description says it is anti-mold, impervious, non-slip, non-toxic, odorless and durable, in short everything you are looking for a product that you want to install. Available in over 48 different colors, it certainly offers a wide selection that can be married to your decor. So feel free to try it, but one thing is for sure is that I will try myself the experience of this product shortly.