The outdoor, adjoining the house, can be emphasized and enhanced by a wood flooring , whether it is a terrace, a gazebo or a patio. To obtain a quality installation, you need to make the right choice of materials : the floors from outside, as well as aesthetically pleasing, it needs to meet the requirements of resistance to solar radiation, moisture and frost, important characteristics from the point of view the duration in time of realization. This guide will give you some suggestions.

Among the essences that compose a parquet for outdoor use, you first need to distinguish between the natural and untreated, those who have undergone processes waterproofing and protection against mold and termites. The first is obviously the most valuable and expensive: teak, Ipe and the Iroko, are among the favorite choices but there are other species tropical with high weather resistance, due to the natural habitat of origin. Especially popular in recent times, the floor is made ​​of bamboo that, in addition to being equipped with an exceptional strength, falls within the list of eco-friendly materials, being an essence made ​​from a grass species that grows naturally with a high speed .


Types of wood the most common and readily available, through a special process, are impregnated with mineral salts: the treatment allows to obtain a product highly resistant which makes it suitable not only in particularly humid indoor environments, such as bathrooms, but also in open areas in direct contact with water, such as a pool. To cover outdoor environments , there is also the possibility of using cheaper materials that mimic the look of wood but which contain only a percentage, mixed with plastic. It is innovative materials, absolutely reliable, though less aesthetic impact.

The flooring outdoor decking also called, is processed into planks or tiles, whatever the choice , the installation requires a preparation of the foundation that guarantees a perfect drainage and a proper adjustment of the slope Anchored to the ground of the planks is done with the ‘ using screws or with special clips that make invisible fixing, while the tiles, they can be sunk directly into the ground or placed in a frame, previously prepared, ideal to make stable of fund drives.