The gray has become one of the star colors of the season and not only in fashion decorated in gray. So today in we wanted to dedicate our full attention. Ideal for all travelers the gray is gaining popularity in home interiors being able to find in all kinds of decorative elements. We like especially as it is in classrooms rooms in which this color can bring balance elegance and glamour. Therefore, you can check it with your own eyes and then we are going to show a lot of pictures of rooms decorated in gray. In addition, we will take this opportunity to give you some tips and interesting ideas.

Photos lounges decorated in gray

Why decorate the hall in gray

As I have said many times, the lounge is the main room of the home, where we like to relax after a long day and which receive visits. To achieve this it is essential to opt for shades neutral for broader and flee too vibrant tones surfaces. Gray, for example, can be a fantastic option as it is a versatile and timeless color, which means that it is always current. Therefore, besides being very simple to combine it combines well with almost all colors is always present. Of course, we must recognize that now is more fashionable than ever.

Gray walls

Any shade of gray can look good in the living room, while it is true that it is better to opt for the more shades clear to the walls, as the dark could belittle the space visually. This is an even more recommended for rooms with few square meters advice. Of course, if you want to use a shade of dark gray to walls, try to do only one or two walls, choosing a lighter color for the rest.

In all kinds of elements

One of the great advantages of gray is that it can be used in all kinds of elements of the stay, including pieces of furniture. In fact, this year is very fashionable furniture that combines this color with black or tones that brings the wood. On the other hand, you should know that in rooms where the white predominates good idea to add touches of gray through textiles, accessories and decorative objects and can use any shade of gray.

What colors combine with gray?

Although can opt for a single color decoration on the gray is the absolute protagonist of the room, the fact is that it is best to combine it with other colors. The good news is that, as I have said before is a super versatile color easy to combine. Thus, it can look great with other neutrals especially with white with which you can achieve elegant and bright rooms. Earth tones, which provide a natural touch to the room are also very good with gray. In addition, on a gray base it is always a good idea to add brushstrokes in pastel shades especially if you want to achieve an atmosphere of romantic air and bright colors to bring joy to the home. Then we leave you with our gallery where, as you have promised at first we show many pictures of rooms decorated in gray. Sure, they inspire you when decorating this important space of your home