Whether they come from sodas, beers or other bottled beverages, we handle more then one bottle cap every day. Usually we throw them away, but sometimes we might keep them as mementos to remind us of the good times we’ve had. Some people might even collect them, since they can be quite colorful. Yet, have you ever asked yourself how can you use a bottle cap? Every day we hear about raising eco-awareness and recycling to help in preventing further pollution to our planet. Since it’s good to stat small, reusing bottle caps sounds like the perfect place to start. With a bit of creativity and crafting, there are many different ways to reuse bottle caps and it all depends on what you need like picture frame ideas. If you don’t believe that, simply take a look at these 8 useful bottle cap projects which are only the tip of the iceberg for the use of this tiny object.

picture frame ideas

Bottle Cap Coasters

The simplest way to prevent wet circles from damaging your table is with coasters. If you want to have some fun coasters that even the men in your life will never forget to use, then you will simply love these easy-to-make bottle cap coasters.

Bottle Cap Candles

These cute bottle cap candles are made from recyclable materials and are so easy even your kids can make them. Although they are tiny, with a few drops of scented essential oils they will serve you nicely for setting a romantic mood.

Bottle Cap Organizer

Everyone who likes making jewelry or likes crafting, know that it when doing a project things quickly get very messy. With a bottle caps organizer you can bring some order to a chaotic working table, especially if it comes to sorting out beads, rhinestones and other tiny items.

Bottle Cap Poker Chips

Bottle caps can be used for fun as well. Just take a look at this lovely poker chip set that you can easily recreate by flattening bottle caps and gluing two together. The only thing that night take long is to collect enough bottle caps with the same color.

Bottle Cap Pocket Mirrors

It is not always easy to find a small item in your bag, like a pocket mirror. However, you can make countless of these darling little bottle cap mirrors that you can throw in your bag or you can even turn it into a key chain or a pendant and you will always have a mirror at hand.

Bottle Cap Table

When you have an old and damaged table, don’t throw it away. There are plenty of ways to bring it back to life and one is by covering the tabletop with bottle caps. It is a simple enough project that will leave you with one fun, party-ready table.

Picture frame ideas With Bottle Caps

Bottle cap crafts is a great way to encourage your child’s’ creativity and to create some fun items along the way like key chains, necklaces and picture frame ideas. You can also create some fun games that your kid will love and they will also make nice gifts.

Bottle Cap Flower Magnets

The best place to leave a note at home is if you stick i on the refrigerator with a magnet. That is why you can never have too much magnets and if you want them to look amazing as well, then make lovely bottle cap flower magnets that also act as a picture frame ideas of your loved ones.