Plasters and colors of the new generation are versatile talents who fight not only active pollutants, but also look good here.

Environmentally friendly products for the design of walls always adhered to the call to look boring and only sandals makers seriously considered as a design medium to be considered. Meanwhile, the plaster and paint industry, which has been trying for some time to attract a new clientele and to break away from their dusty image, researched, investigated and determined that they should concentrate on hundred-and sometimes thousands of years old materials. With the help of hi-tech methods, it has the traditional glue, lime plasters and colors back on the market that not only fit happily on almost every trendy style of living, but also a few other things to do.


Loam, for example, can accommodate limited by its surface structure, especially a lot of moisture. This is not only in bathrooms of advantage (which is why you should look at there usual full surface sealing of the walls with tiles always critical, because ceramic is not in a position to store moist air and therefore there very quickly become moldy) but also in other areas that are poorly ventilated and these are due to the tightness of modern windows the most. Another problem that is made possible by inadequate ventilation only, is that pollutants cause in furniture, textiles and detergents at concentrations in the ambient air, affecting the health and well-being. Clay plaster is in a position to reduce these substances and proves himself to be versatile.


Wall Color

Here too, a lot has changed. If you were happy earlier, when the material was free of harmful ingredients, this is not enough anymore. The so-called “photocatalytic paints” can also remove odors and microorganisms. Under test conditions, such a dangerous substance such as formaldehyde was completely degraded within a few hours. This is achieved in which the pollutants are broken down into neutral substances. To require these colors only artificial or natural light. Nothing easier than that! Moisture-adjusting these colors are of course, making it ideal for bathrooms. As an alternative to the usual tiled walls, they are not only priced but also highly recommended by creative aspects.


knob, one of the largest manufacturers of cleaning all kinds, is recently produced a lime, add much to the extreme humidity of the air, save and give back as quickly as can. As a true multi tasking Product him were also added more minerals, their ability during the drying process of creating countless tiny cavities, makes it possible to absorb pollutants from furniture, textiles, and the room air and filter. An anti-mold finish gives this so-called “Roll-on Plaster” the ideal wall surface in damp areas.

The plaster and wall colors of the new generation are so versatile talents. What are they useful addition to their abilities so interesting is that they not only contribute to a healthy indoor environment is active, but it look good. Whether eingespachtelt or roughly structured – they adapt to any design direction, restrained and elegant as they come so recently.