More and more people are becoming do-it-yourself enthusiasts. In a time when people can do almost any home improvement project because of the available instructional materials, it is not unusual to hear about home-owners undertaking plumbing work as well. It is a good thing that people are fixing plumbing problems like leaky taps on their own, but some projects are still best handled by plumbers. Found below are the plumbing issues that home-owners should leave to the hands of professionals.

The problem of frozen and cracked pipes is a reason for home-owners to call a plumber. Naturally, pipes get frozen during winter, and the freezing usually results in the cracking and bursting of the pipes. In cold weather, water freezes in the pipe and expands, exerting more than enough pressure to do damage to the pipe. There are dangers that come with DIY pipe thawing, and this is why professional help is necessary. Plumbers are also needed to check for any split on frozen pipes to prevent leaks when the pipes thaw.


Problems with the hot water heaters are also best handled by the experts. There are some people who try to do the work themselves, thinking a few tweaks would end the dilemma. However, hot water heater problems are usually a bit more complex than what home-owners are capable of handling on their own.  Usually, the tweaks end up making the problem much worse, such as leaks causing basement flooding. Even if the problem seems minor, it is best for home-owners to call a plumber to take a look.

Then there are the gas plumbing problems. No home-owner should attempt to do anything if they encounter a problem with the gas line or concerns related to this. It is very dangerous for anyone inexperienced and unqualified to deal with any kind of gas line issue. Watching instructional videos and reading books about this kind of work will never be enough to prepare a home-owner for the work that is needed to be done.  One wrong move can cost one not only his or her house, but also his or her life. Hence, people should not try to fix gas plumbing problems on their own just to save some money on services. Scrimping on professional services often costs more in the long run.

Just like gas plumbing problems, drain and sewer back-ups require the immediate attention of plumbers. Only a certified professional can determine if there is a problem with main sewer, a problem that causes all drains to back up. If there is indeed a problem with the main sewer, the plumber can then start addressing it and home-owners need not wait too long to get things back in order.

There is nothing wrong with home-owners wanting to do the repair and maintenance of certain things around their home. What is important is that they know when they should deal with the situation themselves and when to let someone more knowledgeable take over and do the work for them.

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