Models or systems pool safety and their characteristics

The law is a means of security that is effective if it is respected by all. It is she who makes the rules and ethics required to be followed by field, any offender may be subject to sanctions. There is the security bracelet system, whose safety blue turtle that is activated when the child falls into the pool. Attached to his wrist, the device automatically activates an audible and affects parents. It is very solid and has a good backup time. Besides, the band wireless vigimontre that is designed to ensure your child continuously, it is light and easily carried. With alarms, any danger to your child is consistently reported. Once the alarm is triggered, a sound is emitted from the base station to alert. All alarms, lasernett is the most efficient, according to all eloquent testimony in his favor. Indeed, its specific purpose, lasernet seduce you, he has a quality assurance system with two integrated sirens. It fires only when necessary. it is reliable and simple. Finally, this device because it has been reassuring the best international prize pool safety. But what is the best protection for your children?

Probably pool barriers, real physical barriers appear to be the best. They prevent children under 5 years of access to space for pool. But these children are most vulnerable. It is understandable why the safety commission advises consumers to users. Furthermore, fencing of swimming pools are easy installation and use and are inexpensive. But beyond all these advantages, this system has the advantage of being in place at any time, even when you are away and you have the choice of where you want to install it.


Attention to the limitations of the systems!

Entrust the safety of your children only to machines would be irresponsible. Alarms, bracelets alone are not enough. This is particularly true that a machine, albeit sophisticated can never replace human vigilance. Also, be aware that between the time of the alarm and response, anything can happen. It is therefore important that everyone avoids swimming in absolute confidence, lowering his guard. In reality, the alarm detects the danger, but the reports do not pull the child from danger. We can even forget to reactivate an alarm that would have been disabled and when we think all is well, the accident occurs. Therefore, systems are not designed in themselves totally effective. We must turn to the awareness of all partners to achieve optimum protection of your children through viable and reliable equipment, while maintaining vigilance and common sense.

Some guidelines to be observed

To better protect your children, you must avoid to devote a blind faith in security arrangements. Must necessarily have a perch, a lifeline, a telephone with all our contacts and surveillance cameras around the swimming pools. In public pool, it would also be interesting to write and display the basic rules of secourismes, train guards and lifeguards rescue techniques. No objects, toys and the like shall be left on or around pools. Prohibit any games at the water’s edge and not let the slippery edge. Clearly, monitoring human and technological resources are complementary.